#Breastfeeding is Shared Responsibility

#Breastfeeding is Shared Responsibility

"In my line of work as a breastfeeding counsellor, I have come across parents from different cultures and beliefs. That has helped me adapt different techniques of counselling according to their different beliefs working towards one goal which is “Exclusive Breastfeeding is the best feeding method for their babies and for them”.

To establish successful exclusive breastfeeding between mother and their baby is a shared responsibility, which starts from the first day of their first visit at the health care facility (Antenatal Check-up). The first responsibility lies with Healthcare workers and Breastfeeding counsellors to make sure that parents are equipped for the journey ahead with relevant information.

The second responsibility lies with the partner and family members. Exclusive breastfeeding not only requires time but also needs one to be physically and mentally prepared for it requires energy. Reducing the amount of responsibility a nursing mother has and supporting her can assist in ensuring that successful exclusive breastfeeding is carried out. 

The third responsibility lies with the community. The community needs to unlearn old methods and let go of myths surrounding breastfeeding and start embracing and making breastfeeding more fashionable. They need to unlearn myths that breastfeeding was only for those who cannot afford formula and clean water. This will bring us back to the Health care workers and Breastfeeding counsellors to skilfully dissect all the myths surrounding breastfeeding."

- Pinky

Testimony from one of the moms:


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