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It's so much more than a desk: Fatherhood

According to a 2015 study (Gould and Ward), South Africa has the second-highest rate of fathers' absence, low rates of paternal maintenance for children and a high rate of abuse and neglect of children by men. It is said that 50% of the children in South Africa grow up in families with fathers in absentia.   Thembalitsha Foundation believes that South African men can do better. Actually, we know they can. Meet Khumbula and Munuel. Both matriculated from School of Hope and now have children of their own. Below, they share a bit about their stories and what they hope for the education of  their little ones as they grow up.   ========================================== Hi, my name is Munuel Mouzinho Afonso and I'm a musician and community activist. I was 13 years old when I started at School of Hope in Grade 8, in 2005 and 19 years old when I matriculated in 2011. Favourite subjects/teachers? I loved English in school, Ma’am Christelin was the best teacher. I felt I was able to sha

Fatherhood: Ade Oyewo

Fatherhood is an amazing feeling and a great sense of responsibility that all men want to discharge as duties to their families. My Journey to fatherhood was quite exciting as I got to this point quite early after my marriage in 2006. Following our marriage ceremony in 2006, we had to make tough decisions whether to start our family immediately or to give ourselves some time to find our bearing as a young couple. In 2009, our marriage was blessed with a bouncing baby boy and we named him Ryan; at that point, I felt so blessed and had to wrap up everything within me to father this young soul. I had promised myself that I would want to be the best father to my kids, the reason being that I could not recall having a good life or upbringing with my father, in fact, I grew up without my father and this subjected me to many difficulties and as such, promised myself that I would live to be the best dad ever to my own children one day. Hence, having Ryan was the point at which I could prove th