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Zoleka: The Epitome of a Strong Woman

Our 2021 blanket drive focuses on mothers and celebrating strength in women all over the world. We wish to reach women and mothers alike to ensure all women are celebrated and their strength acknowledged.  This came to life on a project visit to Mama Themba, with our questions set out for the Project Manager and her two peer counsellors, “What does it mean to be a mom?”… and “How are women strong?”… Pinky, one of Mama Themba’s peer counsellors instantly expressed her opinion of Zoleka being the epitome of a Strong Woman. Many of you may know her story, a tragedy she has had to live through and with her permission, we’d like to share it now…  Pinky Ngcuka and Zoleka Malamba, Mama Themba Peer Counsellors Zoleka started at Thembalitsha (when Mama Themba was still known as Bosom Buddies) as a Breastfeeding Counsellor based at Helderberg Hospital assisting with Antenatal and Postnatal care. She subsequently served in educating pregnant women and assisting breastfeeding mothers in several of