Mother's Day: 2-for-1 Giving

Every year at this time we think about our own mothers. What they mean to us. How we miss them if they’re living far away. Which of their characteristics we inherited and which of those home-cooked dishes were our favourites... if you’re like me, you wonder how they ever found the time and had the energy to do it all! 

These thoughts always bring such inspiration, nostalgia, and a sense of belonging. Motherhood is truly a special place… and mothers, a special group of inspiring ladies.
Sitting in my office at Themba Training, I look at the mothers around me: working hard and diligently to support their families in a time where there is an increasing amount of uncertainty, filling in for other losses of income.

I look at the mothers around me and am inspired by their ability to use the very little they have to feed and clothe their families.

I look at the mothers around me and stand in awe that despite intensely difficult circumstances, they still have brave smiles on their faces, determined to love their families as well as they can.
I look at mothers around me and know-- we can do this!
No gift I have given my Mom in the past has been inadequate. She made so many sacrifices for me as I see many other mothers doing as well.
At Mama Themba, the mothers we give Care Bags to, probably have never received a Mother’s Day gift or even a gift for their new baby from family and friends.
I love that for 2 years now, we can donate a blanket in lieu of a card or gift to our own mothers, to a mother who needs every single thing she can get for her newborn.
How special that R50 will keep a tiny little one warm this winter. I am grateful that so many new Moms will have a reason to smile this Mother’s Day.  Thank you for being the reason they will smile!
We can find it in ourselves to support those around us…mom or not… because somewhere in every day, we make a difference.

Join Mama Themba and Themba Training in their 2-for-1 giving opportunity this Mothers Day!

A gift of R50 towards the Thembalitsha Foundation blanket drive will:

  1. Provide a job creation opportunity for the unemployed mother sewing the blanket at Themba Training and result in the blessing of a warm blanket to a new mom and baby in one of Mama Themba’s care bags.
  2. Buy you a digital Mother’s Day card to send to your mother in celebration.


Electronic Payment:

Account: Thembalitsha Foundation
Nedbank Account No: 1107987172
Branch: Tygerberg Winelands
Reference: Mama Themba (and your name)
Branch Code: 198765
Please send your proof of payment to



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