Holiday greetings and thanks.

Holiday greetings and thanks.

Depending on where in the world you are this holiday season, you may be reading this blog somewhere with near-freezing temperatures.  Alternatively, you could be patiently waiting for the electricity to kick on and offer some reprieve from an unforgivingly hot day. Depending on your location, some will spend Christmas at the beach.  Others, in a colder part of the world, will be huddled up somewhere cosy in an effort to escape the freezing temperatures.  

Some will have a braai to usher in the holidays while others will stuff a turkey or make a Christmas ham followed by pudding.  While each country has its own unique traditions, one common thing strings us together this holiday season-- gratitude.  

Thembalitsha Foundation could not let the year draw to an end without taking a moment to say thank you to everyone who helps make this giant dream of ours a reality.  Restoring hope takes a global village.  

To our donors and partners across the world-- know that your presence (while physically distant) is made tangible through your commitments to our work.  Thank you for your donations, your encouragement and your connection.   

To our leadership and service centre team, thank you for sharing the load.  For spreading the word. For being present. For putting your “skin in the game.”  You are able to provide structure and clarity when life on the project is overwhelming and at times unmanageable.  

To our project managers and project teams-- we see you-- and you are AMAZING.  You give-- day in and day out-- through peace and through protest-- you show up.  You lead with courage and passion. You have thick skin and are able to take the difficult knocks that come with this kind of work.  Unnoticeably so, you make managing all of the challenges and disappointments look easy. And we know it is not. It’s not easy at all.  We admire you and are grateful for all you do.  

To the volunteers who may sometimes go unnoticed.  We see you. Folding blankets for care bags. Helping with homework.  Painting a wall. Posting on social media. Listening to someone who has had a really tough day.  So many acts of kindness-- we thank you. 

Finally, to our beneficiaries.  You teach us so much. Through you, we learn about perseverance, resilience and grit.  You reflect our privilege back to us in gentle ways, encouraging us, through your own generosity, to give, to take responsibility and to live with a sense of purpose.  You, too, show up. Through peace and through protest. Committed to making the future better than the past. We are privileged to walk and work alongside you. Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

May 2019, in all of its glories and challenges, leave you feeling full of gratitude.  May you experience the peace of knowing you have done what you could to make this world a better place.  May you feel the joy of being a hope restorer.  

We are Thembalithsa. 


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