"I love to write" Day

"I love to write" day is celebrated each year on the 15th of November and we felt the best way to celebrate it would be to get those who love writing, to do what they do best... WRITE. School of Hope's Home Language English teacher Ma'am Anthea, who herself has a passion for writing, selected two learners who have always stood out to her with their creativity and interest in writing. 

" There are a million reasons why people write, well I have just one: 

When I write I can express myself without anyone judging me, I imagine that I am in another world. A world with no judgement or violence and people are free without anyone saying anything. 

Now that what I feel when I write. Writing is a way in which people can connect, say something without really saying anything and send a powerful message. 

People do different things with their free time; sing, dance and even exercise, Well I write... and will continue to write, express myself and love the paper and pen that I use."

- Leah Robyn Steyn, Grade 8. 


"It is without a doubt that there is greatness and hidden power in writing. Written words speak on an everlasting story and their echo lasts a lifetime. 

Writing gives me unlimited freedom to play around with words without being called "wasteful" It creates within me an essence of creativity, expression of feelings and thoughts to the fullest. 

I love writing because I feel I have dozens and tonnes of stories to share and as a young person who cannot really speak in front of people, writing has always been my refuge, my knight, in shining armour if I can say. 

With just a few ingredients; one pen, one notepad and a clear mind mixed with limitless creativity, a sprinkle of imagination and love then BOOM!a masterpiece is created. I aspire to be an author one day and touch people's lives in both seen and unseen ways. For me, writing is the best way to inspire people and to leave a mark on earth using words. 

There is great power in writing and only those with eyes in their imagination can see. That is why I love writing."

- Annabel Vuyiswa Chikwata, Grade 11.  


"Writing is the one thing that tickles my fancy. It was initially spurred on by my love for reading and has always been one of my favourite things to do since... forever! 

I believe that every individual has a measure of imagination and creativity, however, not everyone has the ability to organize their ideas coherently. The good news is that it is a skill that can be taught and learnt. 

While I have been (and still am) at the receiving end of this developmental process for many years, I now enjoy giving back by imparting the knowledge I have acquired and developing the skill of excellent writing in others. 

There are many useful strategies to get learners excited about writing – from the selection of topics to presenting final work. Something I love doing is to use all kinds of reading materials as models of writing and to encourage learners to apply the techniques of the materials they read. I also choose to acknowledge good writing and often let learners know that I value their writing. 

Furthermore, by simply sharing my enthusiasm in the classroom, I hope to ignite the gift of writing in potential writers and inspire those natural writers to limitless possibilities."

- Mrs. A Morris (Ma’am Anthea) 
Home Language English Teacher


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