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"I love to write" Day

" I love to write " day is celebrated each year on the 15th of November and we felt the best way to celebrate it would be to get those who love writing, to do what they do best... WRITE. School of Hope's Home Language English teacher Ma'am Anthea, who herself has a passion for writing, selected two learners who have always stood out to her with their creativity and interest in writing.  " There are a million reasons why people write, well I have just one:  When I write I can express myself without anyone judging me, I imagine that I am in another world. A world with no judgement or violence and people are free without anyone saying anything.  Now that what I feel when I write. Writing is a way in which people can connect, say something without really saying anything and send a powerful message.  People do different things with their free time; sing, dance and even exercise, Well I write... and will continue to write, express myself