#MandelaMonth - The Power of Education

Her name is Caryn, she is 13 and one of School of Hope’s Grade 8 learners. Caryn likes to sing, dance, rap, and read when she isn’t spending time with her friends. Caryn is enjoying her time at School of Hope, and already knows what she wants to do after she matriculates. She dreams of going to university and studying trauma psychology so she can be like the detectives she admires so much on television. During her time at School of Hope, she has met numerous children with stories that may be difficult to hear, but this has opened her mind to a future of helping others get through hard times. 

Her name is Caryn, and she has never considered dropping out of school. When asked why, she asks, “Why would I waste so much of my time by dropping out when I’m so close to being done? If I dropped out, I would not be able to do anything, no job, nothing.” She lives with her parents and younger brother, and although she enjoys school, she had great difficulty finding a high school that would admit her. Her mother’s manager suggested she enrol at School of Hope, as this is where her own daughter goes to school. The rest is history.

Her name is Caryn, she can’t go play outside very often because of the gang activity in her neighbourhood. That doesn’t stop her from attending school. No, instead she goes and listens to the stories about her fellow learner’s lives and situations, an experience that has opened her eyes to some of the realities of our world.

Nelson Mandela once stated that, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” There is no one great challenge in life, only the experience of living, climbing a tall hill only to find that life has, even more, to offer and more obstacles to go through. Life is the climb, and Caryn is already thinking about her next big journey to university. 

School of Hope provides learners with an educational experience that gives them a support system and a belief that they can climb whatever hills lie ahead of them. These learners know that education can and will make their lives better and that the ability to learn is something we all share, not just something that a select few were born into. Donate R250 per month to provide learners like Caryn with the tools and teachers necessary to make the climb. >>>

Her name is Caryn, and there is very little that can stop her now. Why? Because she has education on her side. 


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