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My name is Blue.

My name is Blue. My home language is foreign to you, and you and you. I am four and a half, I can now speak three languages, including English and Afrikaans, better than my Mom and Dad, actually. I teach them at home, they want to learn too. I am at a school where I feel safe, protected, happy, encouraged to learn and discover. I can talk to my teachers openly, I know they are here to make me smarter and kinder, my friends too. My mom and dad work hard, they want my future to be bigger and brighter than theirs. I want that too. They give up a lot to make sure I have everything I need. My parents can’t always notice if I’m battling with my school work, we are learning together, this is new to them too. My teachers see because they are good at their job, they are the best actually, and I really feel lucky to have them in my life. They are the building blocks of my future, without early childhood development, how would I know how to write my name in grade one?  I wouldn’t be able to