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World Tuberculosis Day - 24th March 2019

TB Awareness Day is a day that is part of the Annual South African Department of Health’s, Health & Wellness Calendar and this falls in line with the World Tuberculosis Day, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), to raise public awareness of Tuberculosis and the efforts being made to prevent and treat the disease. Tuberculosis (TB) is still a health crisis in South Africa and an area of ongoing focus. Background TB Day on 24 th March commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch astounded the scientific community by announcing that he has discovered the cause of Tuberculosis, the TB Bacillus. At the time of Koch’s announcement in Berlin, TB was raging through Europe and the Americas, causing several deaths. Koch’s discovery opened the way toward diagnosing and curing tuberculosis . Various events are held by healthcare & primary health organizations each year during the month of March or on the 24 th March annually and ThembaCare joins hand

Dismissal time pandemonium

Of all the emails that flood my inbox in any given week, dismissal time noise level could not possibly be a priority for a high school principal. Apparently, other tenants on our premises are burdened with the noise level when our learners are dismissed from school daily, so the Teachers and Learners came up with a solution to tackle this chaos at dismissal time. This bedlam baffles me for a reason and to begin with, noise is accustomed to schools particularly at dismissal time, but why is it that so few citizens come to act on societal problems like poverty, childcare or school dropouts? I could only answer laconically, that it takes a special person to actually “see” these problems where many of us are so accustomed to the challenges around us that they become invisible. I challenge you to try to remember how many school-going age children you passed on the street and at corners on your way home. See? I think this problem is a felt burden, a deep concern that should be ravaging th