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Protecting children is everybody's business

To raise awareness for the rights of children, National Child Protection Week is marked in our calendars each year to bring to our attention the need to care for and protect children while also highlighting the issues, successes and the ongoing needs in this regard.   At Village of Hope, the children are cared for as prescribed by the Minimum Norms and Standards for Child and Youth Care Centres, Section 194 of the Children’s Act, Act 38 of 2005. Offering a home away from home in a safe and secure environment filled with much love, care and compassion. Since it’s registration as a place of temporary care and safety, Village of Hope has protected and cared for 27 children. Village of Hope works alongside the Department of Social Development in protecting and caring for vulnerable children in our community with the main focus on residential/institutional care. Situated in and meeting needs of the Grabouw community and communities at large. They are situated in the social sector

We are Happy. We are Thankful. We are Family.

On the 15th of May, around the globe, we celebrate International Day of Families, a day in which one reflects on the importance of families, people, societies as well as culture. This year's theme focuses on “Families and inclusive societies”. This rings true to our values here at Thembalitsha, we are a family of all shapes and sizes, we have no boundaries or limitations, and as a family, our collective intention is to restore hope, offer a hand up rather than a handout and transform the lives of those we serve. This year we wish to honour and celebrate an incredible family within the foundation. They are best described as loving, caring and fun. If you haven't had the privilege of spending some time with them, you are most certainly missing out, because they are truly awesome!  If you haven't guessed it already, we are talking about the Erwin family. When asked what family means to them, Susie’s response embodied her families true being; that family is everyth

Motherhood in School of Hope

Motherhood is said to be one of the leading reasons why young girls drop out of high school; not only do they face the tremendous challenges which high school brings, they also need to take on the overwhelming responsibilities that come with raising a child. This Mother's Day we wish to celebrate and acknowledge two young mothers currently enrolled in School of Hope and share their stories with you. They have faced all these challenges and committed themselves to education. This is Mich é and this is her story. Miche failed her first year of Grade 9 and in her repeating year she had fallen pregnant and given birth. Although it came as a massive shock to her and her family, she stands by her choices and feels there is nobody to blame. Due on the 8th November, Mich é went into premature labour and gave birth on the 8th of September, the day before her 16th birthday. She spent the next 3 weeks in the hospital with her beautiful daughter, Ke-shay who remained in an incuba

Hospice Week 2018: “Because I Matter”

Hospice Week highlights the role that Palliative Care Facilities/Hospices play with regards to the Holistic Care & Support offered and provided to those with life-threatening & terminal illnesses. Also highlighted is how every individual person has the right to improved quality of life, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other symptoms either physical, psychological or spiritual. At ThembaCare Grabouw, the loyal & dedicated team, go out of their way every day, to make sure that those who are under their care, are monitored and looked after to the best of their ability. Every patient is treated with dignity, their confidentiality is assured, provision of adherence care & support with regards to treatment is offered, and their illness, pain & other symptoms are managed, whether they are in the In-Patient Unit or at home in the community. Health education is also given to all patients so that t