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Human Right's Month wrap up.

At Thembalitsha, we want each and every individual to be met with respect and compassion and we vow to ensure that their Human rights are fulfilled through our Education, Health and Training initiatives. Human rights belong to all people, regardless of their demographic; we all have the basic rights and freedoms which are to be respected. Some of the most important features of one’s Human Right’s are that they are:  - For everyone.  - Internationally guaranteed. - Protected by law.  - Focus on the dignity of the human being.  - Protect individuals and groups.  - Cannot be taken away. This past month, we introduced you to 9 individuals who have unlocked their rights to training, healthcare and education due to the incredible generosity received from our supporters. Have a look at the short clips on our Facebook page . Each and every donation received has helped in changing their lives for the better; you have assisted in investing