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Meet Themba Training's new Project Manager.

We would like to introduce you to our newest edition to the Thembalitsha family, she's passionate about creativity and training and we are so excited to have her on our team; m eet Marla van der Merwe. How long have you been with Thembalitsha? I first crossed paths with the Thembalitsha Foundation in 2006 making bags for Mama Themba (Formally known as Bosom Buddies) on a volunteer basis. In September 2017 I was appointed as Project Manager for Themba Training. What is your background? I am an occupational therapist, a parenting consultant and creative business owner. I believe each person has inherent creativity, it brings a fullness to personalities and their lives and it spills over into everything that we do. What challenges you? A challenge: Difficult patients, Chaos/disorder: I like bringing structure and order in unordered environments, overwhelmed people’s lives and difficult situations. Why Thembalitsha? I am a part of Every Nation Somerset West,

Love is love no matter where you are from

Agape, a term referring to the highest form of love and charity. And Agape Educare epitomises exactly that. Pastor Linda and Thabisa Mdolomba have set their hearts and minds to this and wish to wholly accomplish the essence of Agape in their little haven.   In 1999, two souls united the love of their ministry and a newfound love for one another in a small village located in the Eastern Cape. Linda and Thabisa met in church, having only known one another from a distance. In their ministry, before decisions were made their people would pray and seek advice from their elders. Deep within, Linda felt this sense of love toward Thabisa and acted on it.  18 years later , one can find these two happily married with their 6 lovely children. Their love, respect and admiration for one another is something to admire. In his own words, Linda sees Thabisa as more than just his wife, she’s his friend that keeps him motivated, laughing and feeling more and more alive in each day that passes.

Village of Hope: Meet the team.

Village of Hope provides a safe haven for at-risk children, placed for temporary periods whilst a more beneficial and permanent solution is sought for to enable family reunification whilst ensuring that the child’s human rights are upheld. Have you ever wondered who takes care of these children who need to be placed in a temporary home of safety? Meet some of the team that take on this enormous task: Tim Afrika What is your Role at VOH?  Project Manager, I am fortunate to manage all the lovely people and children.  How long have you worked at VOH? 3 Years. What do you love about your job?  Being around the children.  What makes all you do worthwhile?  The love that I receive from the children.   Funniest thing you've experienced on the job?   Having Jenna wanting to feed me.  What can't you live without? Love. If you were going to a deserted island, which 3 t hings would you take with you? Love, Faith and Hope.  Jurine Blankenb