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VOH's bright beam of light: Anton*

To pick only one child to admire at Village of Hope is almost impossible, as all of their children are kind and beautiful souls, but this little boy in particular is a bright light to those around him: Anton was placed in foster care by a court order, but he was living on the street. In August 2016, he was placed at Village of Hope, and he was their first and only child at the time. He arrived with a stress related condition, having been psychologically affected by all he had been through in foster care and his time on the streets, it took a while, but over time Anton was able to control his condition. He needed to know what it was like to live and lead a normal life as a child, in a loving and caring environment, surrounded by people who were looking out for him and his needs. If you ask anyone about Anton, you’re bound to hear only the most positive and delightful things. This 11 year old is one of the most lovable, compassionate, humble and helpful little boys you’ll ever c