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On a cold and wet winters morning at Agape Educare Centre in Zola an informal settlement near Somerset West: Zikhona, a young girl from the community, around the age of 4 was standing at their gate, in nothing but a pair of shorts eating a tiny packet of chips. Whilst on their walk to her first day at school, she had complained to her father that she was hungry. All her father could afford was a packet of 50 cents chips from the corner Spaza (shop). When she arrived at Agape no one judged her or her family by the clothes they wore or the food they ate; they simply understood that her family could not afford to properly clothe and feed their child.  She was taken in from the rain and given a hearty bowl of porridge, but when the bowl was placed in front of her she didn't know what to do with it, because to her porridge was not the breakfast she had been brought up with. It was a real treat that her family could only afford on 'special' occasions. There was a distinct c