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Village of Hope's House Moms News

During the month of July 4 of our house mums attended a first aid course at St Johns in Somerset West. At first they were a bit nervous but by the 3rd day they really started to enjoy themselves. They were given practical experience on wound care and resuscitation. At the end of the course they wrote a test and all of them scored over 90%. With this thy each received their certificates.  We are very proud of them. Sister Joyce with 2 staff members from ThembaCare Grabouw also visited Village of Hope as part of the latter's project wellness initiative. The House Moms was treated to relaxation therapy and enjoyed the pampering session tremendously.   Another highlight for the month of July was the baby shower for Lulama Sitefane, one of our House Moms. She is currently on maternity leave and her baby is due this September. "The event was organised by Susie and Alyssa Erwin, the amazing volunteers at Village of Hope. We played a variety of games, ate delici

School of Hope Volunteers

We are privileged to have incredible people who totally dedicate their lives to working together meeting Thembalitsha’s objectives.  Andy and Zoe Lee are a couple that have been part of the Thembalitsha family for years and here is the latest on the Lee’s: Quarter Lee News July 2016 Welcome to our July newsletter, we started out hoping to send one each month but it has now become the “Quarter Lee News”! School of Hope Andy: After Easter I moved across from teaching Maths to taking Geography, History and Social Science. All Grade 8 and Grade 9 students study Social Science as a mix of Geography and History. There are Geography classes in Grade 10, 11 and 12. The curriculum focuses on Physical Geography so I’ve had to brush up on my Geomorphology and River Processes!   Isn’t it funny how so many of us remember about the formation of ox bow lakes from our school days? There’s also a lot of time given to mapping skills which suits me well as it follows on from the Duke of