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Staff day at the Village of Hope

With all the changes at the Village of Hope and the prospect of more children arriving soon, we decided that we would like to have the children’s unit blessed and prayers said for the project.  We also wanted to recognise the hard work of all the staff. So on the 19 th May we had a staff day. All the staff attended and we invited Kim Brown, the pastor of Elgin United Church, to come and bless the unit. The day started with a time of prayer, worship and the blessing and ended with a meal. The prayer time was very special and we are grateful to Kim for taking the time and being a part of our day. We then had coffee followed by a team building event, which was organised by our wonderful volunteers Susie and Alyssa Erwin. This was great fun and everyone enjoyed it, we even got to play with Lego.    We wanted our staff to know they were appreciated for all the hard work they do so everyone was given s

Thembalitsha Launches First Project in Eastern Cape

On Friday, 20 May, as the locals slowly made their way to 63 Queen Street in Adelaide, one could clearly feel the excitement in the air for the official launch of Themba Connect. This project became the ninth and newest edition to the Thembalitsha family joining other community projects such as  ThembaCare Grabouw, Village of Hope and the Early Childhood Development Hub in Grabouw ;   Graceland Pre-school in   the farming community of Devon Valley;  Agape Educare in   the informal settlement of Zola; Themba Training in the informal settlement of Crossroads;  Mama Themba in   the Helderberg and Macassar state hospitals; as well as School of Hope  situated in the Mowbray Business Park. Adelaide falls under the Nxuba Municipality and is a typical rural community where "everybody knows everybody." It consists of 4 distinct areas which are the Central Town, the Old Location, the Red Location and Bez'ville. The population consists of 74% Black, 20% Coloured, 5% Caucasi