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Mama Themba - What to Donate

Mama Themba - What to Donate Mama Themba frequently gets asked by individuals wanting to donate: "what is the biggest need of the project?"  However, prioritizing our needs are not always straight forward but hopefully this brief note will provide some clarity to the above question.   Firstly, one of the most valuable donations we require is that of time. We constantly need volunteers to be actively involved in reaching our goals to serve those less fortunate in our community. Volunteerism allows one to passionately serve a particular interest and Mama Themba takes great care to accommodate the interest of the volunteers as far as possible. We feel strongly that everyone who wants to donate their time, should be able to do what interest them. Some of our volunteers have been with us since our inception and long may that be the case. Volunteer activities include the following: An hour of your time to visit Helderberg and Macassar Hospital to hand-over