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The Marketing Team - Brothers all are we

Sunday morning  started out to be yet another scorcher, typical of peak summertime in the Boland; as we turned to greet each other with the sign of peace in our church, a gentle, warm breeze carried the sound of bells ringing from other churches in town. The moment linked the immediate community to the external communities in the churches around, in the shops and homes where everyone was starting the day, early morning hikers on the surrounding mountains, people preparing breakfast, cyclists, runners and people casually strolling; the homeless being woken up by the bells; the sick opening their eyes to the kind, caring nurse, the vulnerable child wakes up in his dorm with other children but no mommy to hug except for their attentive carer; the gangsters and criminals open their eyes as they hear the bells and feel uneasy because of their actions the night before.  The words from the song ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me' flooded through me....... A m