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ThembaCare Grabouw

ThembaCare Grabouw"Taking health care to the vulnerable in our community..."
A 24-hour hospice and home-based care are the two services implemented by ThembaCare Grabouw. The only overnight 24-hour palliative care facility in a town of 65,000 consists of a seven-bed hospice, designed to provide quality care for the terminally ill, whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS and TB. Every week ThembaCare Community Home-based Carers visit the homes of more than 350 people living with HIV, TB and chronic illness in the townships of Grabouw and the surrounding farmlands.
On Friday the 14th of October ThembaCare held their celebratory anniversary event at Oude Molen in Grabouw. This was a celebration of all the incredible moments and milestones achieved throughout the last 10 years. ThembaCare expresses their deepest gratitude to their unbelievably loyal funders. Without the financial support, physical support and partnership the facility could not take health care to the vulnerab…

Thembalethu Launch - "It takes a village to raise a child..."

Thembalethu Launch - “It takes a village to raise a child…” On the 7th of October 2016, Thembalethu opened its doors in the community of Rooidakke in Grabouw. Thembalethu means ‘Our Hope’ in Xhosa. Which is suitable, as this Early Childhood Development Centre is truly, a beacon of hope for the children and parents alike. The opening was filled with much anticipation and excitement. The Honourable Deputy Mayor of Grabouw, Isaac Sileku welcomed all the guests and opened Thembalethu with the official unveiling of the sign and ribbon cutting. Unathi Mabulau, Project Manager for Thembalitsha Foundation’s EduCare Grabouw hosted the proceedings, which included Brent Carelse, a National soccer player and previous Bafana Bafana player handing out soccer balls to each child and officially opening Ladumpi, the mini soccer field. The facilities at Thembalethu include the teaching centre, a kitchen, bathrooms, jungle gym, and a mini soccer field.   
The Rooidakke community sincerely thank Nedbank, S…

Heritage Day 24th September

Thembalitsha celebrates Heritage Day. Heritage Day (24th of September) is the celebration of our diverse cultures and the rich heritage that make South Africa a beautiful Rainbow Nation.Although our ingredients may differ, we as South African’s share one incredible thread, our unique heritage.
With 11 official languages (a handful of unofficial ones too) and numerous cultures across our nine provinces, Heritage Day is an incredible moment to celebrate everyone’s heritage, tradition and beliefs, and how they all contribute to the complete ethos that make up our Rainbow Nation. 
Here at Thembalitsha we are proud to have the most amazing team of kind hearted, dedicated, diverse and inspiring humans. In the sprit of Heritage Day we took some time to chat to our amazing team members and ask them what Heritage day means to them.
This is what they had to say:
Our heritage as South Africans is diverse and has the power to form our Rainbow Nation.
Our heritage commemorates our triumphs and inform…

A School of Hope Outing

Saturday, 10 September at the Atlantis Dunes:

I was very fortunate to be invited by the School of Hope as a “tag-a-long” on their recent school outing, organised by
Be A Blessing 4X4. Be a Blessing is a social group of 4X4 drivers who reach out to children and youth in less privileged
communities. The objective of this outreach is to provide drivers, mentors and the learners with an opportunity to learn more
about each other in a fun and adventurous setting. And what a fun day it was!

The 4X4 convoy picked up 26 learners and their “caretakers” at the School of Hope in the Mowbray Business Park and
drove us to the Atlantis Dune at a leisurely pace. The Atlantis Dunes are located just outside Cape Town and are exactly
what the name says, a huge sand dune – or sandpit where adventurers are able to take their 4x4 vehicles.
Upon arrival in Atlantis, the necessary preparations were made to get us ready for the adventure, such as deflating the
tyres for additional grip on the sand and taking…

Village of Hope's House Moms News

During the month of July 4 of our house mums attended a first aid course at St Johns in Somerset West. At first they were a bit nervous but by the 3rd day they really started to enjoy themselves. They were given practical experience on wound care and resuscitation. At the end of the course they wrote a test and all of them scored over 90%. With this thy each received their certificates.  We are very proud of them.
Sister Joyce with 2 staff members from ThembaCare Grabouw also visited Village of Hope as part of the latter's project wellness initiative. The House Moms was treated to relaxation therapy and enjoyed the pampering session tremendously.   Another highlight for the month of July was the baby shower for Lulama Sitefane, one of our House Moms. She is currently on maternity leave and her baby is due this September.

"The event was organised by Susie and Alyssa Erwin, the amazing volunteers at Village of Hope. We played a variety of games, ate delicious food, shared some a…