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Notes from the MD: A Shopping Spree for the Soul

by Monica Folscher, Managing Director for Thembalitsha Foundation Funny how one thinks more of those who are no longer with us at this time of year, a time for family, a time for love, a time for reflection… After more than twenty years, I can still hear my father say: “Nothing in life is for free.” This is certainly true in a business context, also in our everyday life, where you even have to pay so that no one steals your car while you are doing your grocery shopping. It is also true that you have to work and work hard to accomplish things in life. But there comes a time in life (and now I am giving away my age) when you yearn for the few freebies in life, those things that money cannot buy: time, an unexpected smile, a friendly welcome, someone opening a door for you, a thank you. Maslow, clever man that he was, theorized about the paradigm of human needs and after many decades I can now say (high time!) that I am striving at those things that add value to my life withou