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EduCare Grabouw: Children’s Rights Workshops for the ECD Community

by Angèlique Brannekämper, ECD Manager at EduCare Grabouw

   The Declaration of the Rights of a Child (drawn from the United Nations Declaration of 1959) –
all children have the right to a name, enough food to eat and a decent place to live all children should be looked after when sick and have a right to grow up with love, affection and security handicapped children have the right to special treatment and education all children have a right to free education and should be protected form neglect and exploitation all children should not be made to work before a certain age and should be protected from descimination all children should never have to fear arrest and detention and should be brought up to understand that their energy and talents should be devoted to the service of their brothers and sisters Two workshops were conducted by Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) and facilitated by EduCare Grabouw (Thembalitsha Foundation) on 13 & 15 August, respectively. Turnout on…

What's Happening at Village of Hope: August 2015

by Tim Afrika, Project Manager at Village of Hope

There is much to be thankful for lately at Village of Hope, and most of the activity is related towards making the land a more beautiful, productive and safe place for our children in the Unit to live and grow!

Firstly, the fence, which was stolen end of October 2014, has been restored under the supervision of our groundskeeper Nigel's father and a few workers from the local community. We were fortunate to source black wattle poles on the farm, which meant that the only thing we had to pay for was the barbed wire. Not only did Nigel's dad and his team restore the entire stolen fence adjacent to the river, but they also fixed the two sides that border our neighbors. We are incredible thankful to the team for their excellent job, which dramatically increases the continued safety of our property!

On the grounds, Thembalitsha received a welcome donation of 210 indigenous trees from Sylvia at Food & Trees for Africa. Village of …

Notes from the MD: Thembalitsha Women Who Inspire

by Monica Folscher, Managing Director of Thembalitsha Foundation

Graceland: Cleaning Outside the Classroom

by Rosaline Fortuin, Teacher of the 2-3 Year-olds at Graceland

I was joking with a local farm owner one day when inspiration struck. Mrs. Ruest - an involved member of the community and owner of one of the Devon Valley farms - pretended to chide me a while back about cleaning up outside where I live. I thought it was funny, but also saw a great challenge in it. Mrs. Ruest saw the effect of her comment and offered to sponsor a project to help clean up our local community.

I gathered a small group of children from the area to help. It made me feel very uncomfortable at first - asking other people to pull together to clean up our land - but then I realised that I wasn’t doing it for myself, I was doing it for the community. I was doing it so our children will realise the value of taking ownership. It is so important that they learn to value their homes, take pride in the land by keeping it clean and see that their learning is not limited to the classroom. The inspiration spread (as it o…

EduCare Grabouw: A Love Letter

by Angelique Brannekamper, ECD Manager at EduCare Grabouw

Dear Grabouw,

Eight years and a handful of days ago, I had no idea how quickly I would fall for your charm, surrounding me with your magnificent mountains and natural splendour unexpectedly nestled in the heart of the Elgin Valley. The friendly, smiling faces that constantly greet me every day, the kisses blown from the tiny hands of these little angels shouting "sharp!" and holding out their tiny thumbs to touch mine.

This is love and gratitude that humbles me every day - serving these little ones warms my heart while inside I dance to their shrieks of laughter and excitement. And the patient "mammas" that care for these children while their parents are working and travelling long hours to put food in their hungry mouths. 
Yes, Grabouw, between your natural splendour and magnificence hides the darkness of poverty and hardship, the makeshift dwellings, the ice cold winters, relentless wind and rain that chil…

Whats Happening at ThembaCare Grabouw: August 2015

by Thandi Sililo, Project Manager at ThembaCare Grabouw

Winter is definitely in full swing with heavy rains, gushing winds and storms, and the weather has felt even colder in Grabouw during the month of July. In spite of the challenges created by these conditions, our ThembaCare staff have continued to offer palliative care to our patients in the In-Patient, Home-Based Care and HIV Counselling & Testing Units.

Grabouw remains one of the communities with the highest TB infection rates in the Western Cape (10% according to DOH 2012 Stats). Due to this ThembaCare has an “open window policy” to ensure that there is adequate ventilation which lowers the risk of TB infection for staff, visitors and patients in the facility. This becomes an obvious challenge when the temperatures drop during winter, but we have had to stick to the “open window policy” while giving extra blankets to our patients and advising our staff to dress extra warm, especially when out in the community where there …