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Mandela Day Recap: An Opportunity Every Day

MOL Power team at School of Hope by Daniel Jones, Communications Manager for Thembalitsha Foundation The tradition of giving 67 minutes of service on Mandela Day is a beautiful opportunity for individuals and non-profits to connect in the spirit of honouring our Madiba. It also, inevitably, ends up being quite a hectic day for those of us who work at NPOs – but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. This Mandela Day brought many friends, old and new, into our projects. At School of Hope in Cape Town, a large group of employees from MOL Power banded together to give the facility a huge facelift. Their positive spirits and hard work helped repaint and clean the nooks and crannies of the school that desperately needed some TLC. We owe a big thank you to this crew for bringing some light and colour into our school building! Team Distell installing flooring at Graceland At Graceland in Stellenbosch, Distell sent a brigade of hard workers to help install much-needed rubber flo

School of Hope: Singing a New Song

During the June school holidays, Christeline Mushwana - one of our dedicated teachers at the School of Hope - took the school's choir off for a three-day retreat in Kommetjie near Cape Point. The time away allowed the group to learn new songs, brush up on the vocal training and even compose a song of their own! In the midst of the fun, good food and new friends, they group also saw how big the love of God is. For our present-day education, opportunities like this to engage with the arts are essential to the development of our learners. You can build community by writing a song. You learn a lot about yourself when you have to play someone else on stage. You see the world with new eyes after you've painted a flower you've never taken time to notice before. This trip is just one example of the incredible way a shared experience centered around art can bring us all together. So thankful our School of Hope choir had the opportunity to dive in and explore the richly text

What's Happening at ThembaCare Grabouw: July 2015

by Thandi Sililo, Project Manager of ThembaCare Grabouw Finally, ThembaCare’s palisade fencing is completed, making the overall finish of the facility look quite smart. This is all thanks to the funding from the Gerald Wright Memorial Trust and we at ThembaCare are so grateful for their support!  Also, just in time for winter, we have received a very welcome donation of beautiful warm blankets for our patients from Hertex Fabrics. We are so grateful that our patients will be extra warm this very cold winter! The US Embassy visited ThembaCare for a site visit and audit this month and were extremely satisfied with the way the funds that were entrusted to us for the purchase of equipment has been handled and that ThembaCare was a good steward of the funding. This money allowed us to purchase equipment for both the In-Patient & Home-Based Care Units in order to make the work of our staff easier and ensure that our patients have a better care experience in the facility.

Volunteer Experience: So Far

by Shae Espinoza, Repeat Short-Term Volunteer at Village of Hope Shae has been volunteering with Thembalitsha's Village of Hope project in Grabouw for several years in a row. Each summer (starting with a mission trip from Mid-Cities Church in Texas), she finds time to make the long journey across the Atlantic and invest with our little ones in the Children's Unit. She's also started bringing a good friend, Aubrei, along for the journey. This year, Shae & Aubrei joined us for two week in July. Here are Shae's reflections about their time in South Africa after they returned to the US. I’ve unpacked all but one of my bags. Clearly its contents are vital to my survival. I’ve been back one week, five days and seven hours. The reality that I’ve been back as long as I was in Grabouw sunk in today. There’s a pattern to this reentry thing, at least there is for me. Day one: shock. Day two: anger. Day three: emptiness. If you get past day three, by day four everyt