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Meet Tim Afrika: Project Manager at Village of Hope!

When Tim and Maz Walker left the Village of Hope at the beginning of February, they passed off the role of Project Manager to Tim Afrika. Get to know a bit about the new PM, his history, his passions and his excitement about the future in this personal note: 

I didn’t find Thembalitsha so much as Thembalitsha found me. I first joined the Foundation family in April 2014 when I was asked to do research on Early Childhood Development centres in Grabouw for a special project. Just a few months later, I was also invited to stay at Village of Hope for a few weeks and quickly found a passion for the project. I had no way of knowing that before the year’s end, Thembalitsha would approach me about being the new PM for Village of Hope as Tim and Maz Walker moved on to the next chapter of their lives.

The decision for me to leave my current job and community on South Africa’s West Coast was incredibly difficult – not only was I a leader at the school where I worked for over two decades, but I wa…

A Month with Thembalitsha in Pictures

by Sally Jones, Short-Term Volunteer at Village of Hope

I didn't think it was possible to cram so many experiences into just 28 days! Exhaustion, confusion, laughter, sadness and wonder are just a few of the many emotions I experienced in my brief but fulfilling month with Thembalitsha. The array of experiences to be had in the Western Cape can hardly ever be summed up in a single piece of writing, but I want to give you a glimpse into my time here by sharing a collection of pictures which should give some hint of the complexities of doing the work Thembalitsha pursues in the community.

The constant juxtaposition between the two worlds in South Africa is summed up in this photo. The smoke in the background is from a fire which burnt for ten days uncomfortably close to the Village of Hope.
The wonderful children in the townships of Grabouw play netball with such zest and energy but return home to shacks, sometimes with insufficient food, touched by disease and with dysfunctional fa…

Village of Hope: Goodbye to an Inspiring Little Girl