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Village of Hope: Mission Team Brings Us Back InFocus

by Tim Walker, Project Manager at Village of Hope Over the last week, the Village of Hope team has welcomed some very familiar faces back onto the project. It is so good to see friends from InFocus Church in Augusta returning year after year to come spend time with us. Six of the team (of ten) have been part of previous mission teams, and their willingness to get stuck right in has impressed us once again. It's hard for us to put into words the value that they add during their visit, but they have not only been involved in some of the more physical aspects of the daily chores that a six hectare property needs to ensure that things don't get out of hand (such as weedeating and tree felling), but they have added much value to our spiritual well-being too. The list of jobs they have undertaken is quite substantial, so if you would like to find out more about those and their other experiences during their trip then it's probably best to visit their blog via this link

Village of Hope: One Child Leaves, One Space for New Hope

As one child leaves to be reunited with his family, the door opens for another child to receive the amazing new hope that we are able to provide via our wonderful Children's Unit. Each child has their own individual story, and some are more complex than others. Please pray for this new little boy who has been placed with us to provide some space for his parents to seek the help they need to enable them to gain perspective on their lives and set up a home which will become the secure environment that this little one needs as he grows.

Village of Hope: Another Child Leaves for Home

Another story of hope It's always sad to say goodbye, especially to a child who has become so loved by the staff at the Village of Hope. But, in our sadness, there is joy as we know that we have done everything possible to not only stabilise a child who has been placed with us with either complex medical or social problems, and that we worked so hard with our local social workers and the child's family to ensure that a successful placement is made with confidence. This post, then, contains a great story of new hope as over the weekend Emma took one of our dear little three year old boys back to his family home. This is incredible and exciting news as he was in such a poor state, requiring specialist hospital care this time last year. We are so thankful to our house moms, key staff and the persistence of our team to ensure that he received such wonderful care whilst he was with us, and that we were able to place him back with his own family who now know how to care for him