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The Show Must Go On!

We've had to batten down the hatches over the past few days because the protests over service delivery in Grabouw have descended into riots. The kids can't go to school because the schools are shut, we are struggling to get supplies because the shops are shut, the local hospital is shut making access to medication difficult and the main routes in and out of town have been closed. To top it all off, our House Moms, who live in the community amid the violent protests, are being threatened with death if they attempt to come to go to work. They are extremely scared and have had to witness some terrible things. It is horrendous and tough. With our wonderful House Moms unable to come in to fulfil their duties it was up to us (the Dream Team as we like to call ourselves: Barbara, Emma, myself, Johan (our trusty maintenance man) and Nigel the gardener) to pick up the baton and keep the unit going. Yesterday was quite hilarious as we tried to continue the usual routines that the House M

The View From The Fence

Photo by David Morris With Tim, our semi-pro resident blogger, away on a break, I am attempting to take up the blogging mantle on behalf of our current and unusually reduced Village of Hope team (Three of the core team, Tim, Maz and Mel, are all abroad at the moment!) So apologies in advance – it is not my natural calling! We’ve been toddling along relatively successfully over the past couple of weeks, filling in the gaps where we need to and trying to keep the project running smoothly in its routine. Barbara, Emma and Johan have been legends! The extra challenge today has been continuing the routine whilst negotiating the protests that have begun once more over service delivery. We couldn’t take the kids to school or preschool because the schools were shut and we had to cancel the afternoon sports programme because it wasn’t safe to be in some parts of the community. Switching over the day and night shift House Mom team is also sometimes a bit hairy! Over the past few years the strike