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more birthday celbrations....

with thirteen children in our unit birthdays seem to be a regular occurrence and last week was no exception as two of our little ones had their birthdays. as always we try to make our children feel really special so we go out of our way to ensure that they have a birthday party to remember.

its always hard to think of something new to do with the children but as one of our elder girls turned four auntie mel (kidd) was intent in creating a 'princess themed party' which she (the little girl) enjoyed so much, however i'm not sure the boys thought that was a great idea especially the one who celebrated his first birthday party with her!

obviously i jest as all the children really did enjoy making and decorating special princess (and prince) crowns which they all wore with so much pride and as auntie mel said 'pass the parcel can become a little boring after a while' (i don't know what she means!)

August News

These past couple of months have been jam-packed with visitors and volunteers and we are feeling very loved!!

Children’s Unit
The unit continues to be a hive of activity! Recently one little girl contracted chicken pox and now she has mumps (poor thing!) but she seems very unaffected by it all considering and with the provision of some new walking sticks (sent from England) she is making wonderful progress, she is now able to stand unaided and this is quite remarkable given the fact that the doctors had told us that she would never walk!!! Obviously it is impossible to stop these viruses spreading in a unit full of kids who are always at close quarters but (thank the Lord) it seems that none of the other children have contracted it!

We are always thankful in these situations that the children are in our care when they are sick with these kinds of illnesses rather than in a more typical community environment where it is harder to manage and the likelihood of a child getting seriously ill …

Thembacare Grabouw: Busy as Bees (August 2014)

"Busy as bees" has been the buzz phrase at ThembaCare Grabouw. The building of the new sluice room has begun in earnest, and while all this has been happening in the last few weeks, there have been local schools and visitors coming to see the Palliative Care work that Thembacare Grabouw is offering in the community of Grabouw. And in the midst of all this the caring of our patients carries on!

Also, we've been on TV. TBN's Watchman on The Wall programme did a special programme for Women's Month and featured our very own Lindi! It was a fantastic programme, over 20 minutes long and we are very grateful for the exposure of the essential work we do for the community.

August News

"Goodbye", to muddy shoes and "Hello, Wellington Boots!"
Graceland's third term started with a reason to celebrate. Thanks to Imperial Managed Logistics our children are now well prepared for the rain. One of our greatest challenges to get to school in winter is the wetness, muddiness and the rainfall of winter.

During the winter season the attendance rate is 60% because of the rainfall and the fact that children have to walk from their farms to Devon Valley Road to get their transport - for some this could be 300m-500m. We currently have a great partnership with Devon Valley Primary School who allows us to make use of their minibus.

Thank you Imperial Managed Logistics for your commitment to see all little Gracelanders succeed, you continue to not only give in kind but also of your time. May your staff be as blessed at we are.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  Helen Keller


Themba Training: Graduation and upgrades

On the 31st of July we celebrated the culmination of the second Women’s Empowerment sewing training course. 12 women and one man graduated, and we are very proud of our students. It was also a gigantic honour to host our board members for a part of our celebrations.

We were hugely blessed by 20 visitors from the US as a part of the #10Days mission tour to South Africa. These volunteers arrived by bus to spend two days working very hard at upgrading our TT facility. Our computer lab is ready and awaiting the computers that will be moved from Bellville to Mfesane during August.

Our premises are spotlessly clean, everything neatly sorted to start our trade business with our students. Thank you #10Days!

Dutch Connections!

What a joy it was to host 31 Dutch students and their teachers from Sint Maartens School in Holland. For a whole week they made our library their home and spent every waking moment doing things to improve our school building.

They also taught us a dance, introduced us to the 1Billion Rising campaign against women abuse and gave us a taste of Holland – teaching the Consumer Studies classes to make delicious waffles.

One of the great projects they tackled was the planting of an indoor hanging garden (right). This ingenious idea has added much needed green to our indoor premises.
Global Exploration made it possible for learners at the School of Hope and those from Sint Maartens to gain experience through a cultural exchange. Their mission is simply to make making a difference in the world.

They excitedly and passionately came to paint the school, teach lessons and immerse themselves into a different culture, confronting the realities facing Cape Town’s youth. Their hope is that this experien…

village of hope sports mentors do thembalitsha proud....again!

on saturday josh (our international volunteer who has been with us for over a year) took eight of our sports mentors to a football tournament in worcester. this has become an annual event and once again the boys were up early as josh made the hour long trip through the beautiful mountain scenery to attend this event which was hosted and organised by our friends at solid rock.

it is so good to write up this post which follows on from the same theme as last years, which can be read by clicking on the link here, as our boys once again performed with incredible consistency winning 10 of their 11 games and drawing the other one.....over the last two years we have now played 18 won 16, drawn two and have yet to lose a match!

i'm not sure any of us can really appreciate the tough lives these amazing mentors live, not all of them have brick homes, some of them live without basic sanitation and have to walk to collect their water, many of them have no father figures in their lives and by loo…

a couple are 'bould' over by the work of the village of hope..

sorry for the cheesy title of this blog post but all will become clearer the further you read into this post.

a couple of weeks ago myself and maz spent some time 'off site' and decided to go to camps bay and this is where the story of the 'boulders couple' started.

as many of you who know us will testify the work we do at the village of hope runs through our veins, this isn't so much of a job or even a calling the project is at the very heart of all we do. it's hard to box our lives into separate specific times, we don't so much as go to work we are always at work and for some this is hard to understand, we are advocates for the thembalitsha foundation and agents of change for good and our God 24 hours a day seven days a week, even when we return home to england or take a trip to madagascar for instance the work and the impact that we are having is on the very tips of our lips.

with this in mind its not hard to see the story of our meeting with 'the bould…