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tim and maz celebrate in holland

tim and maz have been away in europe for a couple of weeks now and during their stay they had the opportunity to travel to holland to join the celebrations at were taking place at the HAN university that the village of hope have relationship with.

the celebrations were around the 10 year partnership that the HAN university have with our local theewaterskloof (TWK) municipality, the local grabouw town manager as well as other people from south africa had made the trip to holland to meet up and share with some of the students that had completed their internship in grabouw.

it was a joy for tim and maz to catch up with so many of the students who had spent their internship at the village of hope over the last five years and it was interesting to here about their career moves since graduating from university.

it was funny to see all the students together in one place and as they were all from different year groups they really didn't know each other that well so we gathered the sports man…

11-1+3= FULL!

The last week and a half as been very busy at Village of Hope. Last Friday we said goodbye to our 22-month-old boy. He had been with us since July 2013. When he came to us he was operating at the same level as a three-month-old baby. He was one year’s old and couldn’t even sit up! We’ve watched him grow and develop into a fine little boy. The parents have been committed to him since he was placed at Village of Hope, visiting weekly - despite the having to travel 45 minutes by taxi - and have worked with the social workers on the areas needed. The family where very excited and had planned a welcome home party for him. It has been a very positive story to play a small part in and it was joy to be able to drive him home and see the family reunited in their community. Saying goodbye is always bittersweet as the longer the children are here, the more difficult it is to say goodbye and entrust the children back to their parents. However we know that, in most cases, children belong with thei…

June News

The winter has certainly arrived here bringing wind, rain and even some snow on the mountains. It’s very cold and makes conditions for the poor in our community even more challenging.

Children’s Unit

All the children are progressing very well and seem jolly and happy. We have an occupational therapist who comes once a month and she is very pleased with all children which proves that our wonderful House Moms are doing a grand job!

One little one in particular is a boy who’s been with us for a year. When he came to us he was just a year old and was unable to sit unsupported. Now he is meeting all his developmental mile stones which is fantastic news. The other great news we have recently been able to discharge him home. His parents have visited him constantly since his placement here and have worked well with the social workers and us. He went for a weekend visit two weeks ago and he was positively glowing when we collected him. We are always sad to say goodbye but we are also happy to kno…

Thembacare Grabouw: Hospice Week (June 2014)

ThembaCare Grabouw participated this past month in Hospice Week by acknowledging our hardworking nurses for whom Palliative Care Nursing is not only a job but a passion.

Our nurses were awarded with Palliative Care badges from the Hospice Association of South Africa (HPCA) as a way of the HPCA expressing their gratitude for the work our nurses do in caring for our patients in the community of Grabouw.

June News

A Blissful Easter

As Easter approached we wanted to create an Easter experience worth remembering for our little ones. We have long ago realised that what may seem as normal as expecting Easter eggs during the Easter holidays may not be so normal for our children.

So we organised in Easter egg hunt with one of our beloved visitors (Gracelander), Amy Azar, who visits us twice a year from the USA.

Excitement filled the air as the children ran around, eagerly searching for the hidden Easter eggs. It was precious to see them not only finding Easter eggs for themselves but also helping their friends find Easter eggs too. I stood in awe, very proud.

We were so happy to have shared our Easter with Amy Azar. Thank you Amy for always taking time to visit Graceland when you are in South Africa.

We also then partnered with a group of Imperial Managed Logistics staff members who shared our enthusiasm. They took on this task and exceeded our expectations.

With care and love they handcrafted beautiful ba…

Themba Training: Celebrations on Graduation Day!

On 26 May, the first intake of students for our sewing training graduated to huge fanfare! It was a celebratory, happy occasion for our women's empowerment project in Crossroads.

On Safari!

Thirty learners and staff were treated a five-star safari at Buffelsfontein on the West Coast, care of Be a Blessing.

Be a Blessing exists to give young people the opportunity to experience 4X4 adventure outings. This year they organized a truly remarkable safari experience for our learners on Buffelsfontein farm.

The learners had the following to say:

Asheeqah Brown (Grade 10): I had an amazing experience on the trip. It’s not every day that we get such great opportunity to see the animals out there, to know what they eat where they live and what species they belong to. I wouldn’t mind going on another trip like that again because it was awesome!
Ashton Groove (Grade 8): It was very nice to see Rhinos and Ostriches, also Buffalos and Red Lions and to drive past the Cheetah.We also saw the Zebras Springbok and the Wildcat. There were a lot of wild animals.
Nawaal Hanslow (Grade 9): The Be a Blessing trip was amazing, I really enjoyed it. It was an opportunity for me to see animals; the …

In the absence of a father

In celebrating father’s day with my own family this past weekend, I was completely aware that the majority of mothers we meet raise their children without husbands, that many children grow up without fathers. It saddens me to think that so many families are broken and that there is this huge gap of influence for too many children. As a part of our information gathering, we keep statistics of every mother we meet. One of our questions are whether she is married. I’m afraid to say that the vast majority are not. Granted, being married does not mean the children are without a father, but what it means is that the children grow up without a PRESENT father.
Sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, is one of the pioneers of the relatively young field of research into fathers and fatherhood. "Fathers are far more than just 'second adults' in the home," he says. "Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is as likely to bring."¹
Sadly, es…

sports outreach ventures overseas!

we are sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so, much of that was down to the fact that tim and maz were taking our sports outreach programme to madagascar where they trained 21 local church leaders in the nuances of the sports outreach that we have been running from the village of hope since late 2008.
this post serves as a simple update on that trip and provides news about the new clubs that have already started since tim and maz returned to south africa.
'we flew into madagascar via a two stop flight in south africa and then on via a further one hour internal flight to the coastal town of toamasina which lies on the east coast of the fourth biggest island and what some call the eighth continent in the world.
our days were busy serving with a project called 'love n care ministries' who had visited our thembalitsha projects earlier in the year and where the relationship was formed. 'love n care' run a wonderful little school on the outskirts of the town, …