thanks for the support...

the work we do here at the village of hope is made all the easier by some amazing relationships we have with friends, families, church groups, schools and businesses around the world and we thank God for all the support we get from them. it has taken time to build up those relationships and keeping our blog, facebook and other social media sites up to date with current projects is key to sharing our 'thankyous' with those people.

during the six years we have been here in grabouw we have also built up some very strong relationships within our own community, those can be seen during our big events like the hope@paulcluver where we hosted our season of concerts during the summer but most of the help and support goes unnoticed so we would like to send a huge thank you to the following two businesses who were able to provide some amazing but unseen support last week.

the first are the guys at hyundai somerset west, these wonderful people managed to fix our H1(mircobus) with a new clutch in super fast time last week so we were only missing the bus for the daily school run for a couple of days.

the second is our local peregrine farmstall, these guys have an amazing restaurant and farm shop and have been supplying soup for a weekly 'soup run' over a number of years however last saturday their kitchen burnt down but even with all that going on they were able to provide soup for us as normal on friday which was an amazing blessing to the creches we support.....thanks guys!

as we said there are so many other's who help us out in so many ways, they know who they are and we thank them too however we hope that they aren't offended by us picking up on these two companies who really helped us last week!


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