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sight provided for those in need!

sometimes it is easy to take things for granted, such as our health, health care systems and just the ease to buy what we need!, we hope the story below will highlight the struggles that many of the children we work with face each and everyday. 

a couple of weeks ago during our Rainbow Smiles HIV Support group one of the girls approached emma, and asked if she could talk to her, it seemed to take all of her courage to tell her that she needed glasses and that her mother could not afford them, she went on to say that she is finding it difficult to do her school work without them. 

after undertaking a home visit we found out that this little girl doesn't actually live with her biological mother but her aunt, uncle and 3 cousins in a small home and that following the death of her parents they do not receive any extra money to help support them with her care, the glasses would cost R250 (£15). 

this initial interaction all took place on a friday afternoon, the very afternoon on which emm…

Themba Training: Partnering with Bosom Buddies

In a previous blog, we mentioned moving into new premises (still at the Mfesane complex) and hoping to work more closely with Bosom Buddies. This has now happened! We are enjoying the new facility and the good news is that we have teamed up with Bosom Buddies and moved all the sewing equipment to Mfesane. In December, we appointed Funiswa Siqongana (a former TT student) to head up the sewing project. Funi has a “dual” role in that she will be producing items for BB, and at the same time training women in sewing. We’re hoping to expand this, and not only equip women to sew, but do it in conjunction with the Micro Business training and equip them to run effective businesses. There has been much interest in the sewing project and I was not surprised to arrive in Crossroads early in February to find a room full of women!

A further dream is to secure contracts with businesses/organisations who will enlist our sewing project to produce items needed by these businesses or for the marketplace.…

February News

These last two months have been packed with excitement and different things going on!

Children’s Unit
In December we said goodbye to four of our little ones, which was very bittersweet, as we know it is best for them to be with their families or in a more permanent placement but as we have watched them grow and develop everyday it is easy to become attached! However God has entrusted these little ones in our care for a period of time and when that time ends we have to let go and continue to trust God that he will care for them.

Two of our little ones moved so the adoption process could be started. For our three-year-old boy, whose mother died in November, he was placed with his maternal aunt and uncle who already cared for his 13-year-old brother. They had also visited regularly and started to build a relationship with him which was a positive! He is now living with them under a foster care order and they have said they would like to adopt him. We see him regularly at the local pre-schoo…

January News

Getting it right from the start!
The year 2014 started with an adventure to Cape Town. Graceland was invited by Travelstart, a loyal supporter of the Thembalitsha, to attend a family fun day at Zip Zap Circus in honour of Stephan Ekbergh’s (CEO of Travelstart) birthday. Thanks to Travelstart, Graceland didn’t have to worry about transport or lunch; we were even able to bring 20 parents along. 
It was the first circus the we have ever experienced!

The Gracelanders had so much FUN! There were jumping castles, face painting, balloon animals, food, cupcakes and of course the CIRCUS. It was wonderful to see my little ones faces as they ran around enjoying the stations that had been set up just for them. And when the circus started, I thought they may get wrestles or not be interested but they proved me wrong. I just stared at my 2 – 5 years olds as they we taking in every moment of each performance and at some points laughing from the top of their lungs. Thank you Travelstart for thinking of …

We are home!

We are home!
After an arduous seven year search, the School of Hope has new premises! Sipho Banda and Laura Collura
Situated on the Observatory/Mowbray border, the school is conveniently placed near public commuting hubs. The secure business-park complex offers a uniquely professional and dynamic environment.
Having left our intimate premises in Bridgetown, it has become more important than ever to foster a nurturing school culture - one that offers high academic standards while providing holistic intervention.  
Our beautifullittle school encourages a new kind of instruction; one that challenges the staff to try insightful and creative approaches to pedagogy.  The only "old" comfort we hold on to, is the familiarity our core values: hope, family, transformation, responsibility and giving.

School of Hope Unit 27A&C Waverley Business Park Mowbray Cape Town 7925 Phone:  (021) 447 0334 Seeing the auditorium, filled with fresh-faced learners on the first day of school, was a sight that …

A difficult Christmas season for Bosom Buddies

The Thembalitsha Foundation is about people. We are about hope and love, about relationships and understanding, about giving but also receiving. At Bosom Buddies we are like a small family, a group of sisters working towards the same goal – to save lives, to teach mothers and to encourage our volunteers to reach out to those women they meet at the hospital.
Our breastfeeding peer counsellors, Zoleka and Liezl, are highly trained and have between them 15 years’ experience in breastfeeding education. I am a qualified trainer in lactation management and educate people who work with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
It is no surprise that we have grown very fond of each other in the time we've worked together. Zoleka and Liezl form an integral part of my vision and my dream of reaching all women who don’t have access to antenatal education and breastfeeding support. They are our hands and feet, at the clinics daily doing their thing in teaching and encouraging moms.
In December, we did…

thankful for our new entrance...

whatever the content of this post it would be hard to follow on from our last blog post as the things that we shared still affect us on a daily basis, with further news of sports mentors with growing social problems, our rainbow smiles children who are opening up to us with difficult life stories, the mothers of our children who are suffering in various different ways, the list goes on and on, therefore this post might seem a little trivial in comparison, however we are keen to show off the new plants that we have been blessed with and we want to thank those who gave us a donation which has enabled us to transform the entrance areas to our facility.

for those of you who have visited our amazing village of hope project during the last few years i am sure you will be surprised by the changes that have taken place, these might seem very superficial, but for us this bears out the call upon the project to do all things well, be that supporting the children who live with us in the new childr…