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called to be his hands and feet.....

there are some days, and even some weeks, when you feel so overwhelmed by the plight of literally thousands of people who live in our town that you really do wonder what difference we are really making in the grand scheme of things. I have had many such days since first visiting grabouw back in 2006 and even more since our move out to set up the village of hope in october 2008. there aren't many times when I actually get time to compile my thoughts however looking back through this blog I did managed to capture the thoughts of one of those days in may 2012, have a read of that post by clicking on this link , and today was another one of those days and I will try to put into words the type of day it was. the day started in pretty much the same way as normal weekdays, we all met together at 8.15am at our team meeting where we discussed the things that we were involved in from yesterday and prepared ourselves for the day ahead, asking God to guide us as we complete the jobs that neede

mentors bafana bafana trip and retruning HAN student as volunteer

teams line up for the national anthems on sunday evening we were able to take our 15 sports mentors to watch bafana bafana, the south african football team, play against nigeria in the group stages of the african nations championship which is being hosted in cape town throughout the month. the trip was a christmas present for the mentors from myself and maz however as the national team were on the end of a 3-1 thumping the mentors probably didn't enjoy it as much as we had hoped! sports mentors take up a whole row before the game (sive, 3rd from left, looks really happy, not, and that was before they lost! saying that it's great to be able to take these amazing young people to special events like that, its definitely not something they would ever be able to do and as with similar trips we have made before to see norway and manchester united play its a sight to behold to see the joy on their faces and the excitement in their eyes as we walk through the v&a waterfront in cape

car/s down!

you've heard the common term 'man down', well physically we are all fine but we are having some major issues with our cars here at the village of hope therefore we are 'car/s down'. it all started when we had a few issues with our audi which has been having some electronic problem for a few months but we needed to get that sorted as a priority, however all of the other cars seem to have come out in sympathy, so that's been in the garage for a week or so now with no sight of return, emma's car then broke down on the way to the hope@cluver concert last weekend as is in a bad way after a radiator leak, there is no sign of that coming home soon, mel's car then had some power steering problems and is in the garage as we speak, today the H1 is in for its normal service which was planned but last night my old bakkie wouldn't start when we took the sports mentors to the football in cape town over the weekend and is in this afternoon to try to find out why th

starting school

following on from yesterday's blog we are delighted to inform you that our dear little girl who has issues around her mobiltiy started at our local preschool this morning, this is amazing news and it's important that she is treated like any other child and to hear her chatting away about seeing some of the other children who have stayed with us at the village of hope at the preschool was a joy. please continue to pray for her development, which has increased in so many ways, and for her future as we seek to work with her mother in any reunification that could take place.

back to school...

here in south africa the school year starts in january and for those children who passed the end of year exams (which means that they can progress to the next grade) it can be an exciting time, however going back to school means a lot of expenditure which can put further pressure on families, school uniforms, books, stationery and school fees need to be bought and paid for and for those who are already living below the poverty line this can be a tough time. one of our elder girls has started grade R this morning, which is a big step for her with two of our other children starting their first pre-school at the age of three tomorrow. our 16 sports mentors are also going back to school and this year we have been able to assist them with some much needed stationary packs, which were kindly put together by a family who had recently volunteered with us from the united states (thanks susie and family). it was amazing to be able to give these 16-20 year old boys some welcome supplies and the j

visits, concerts and poorly babies

frank and mommy trulene! this new year is already racing away with us and as you know we like to keep the blog updated at least once a week but the usual busyness of our project has meant that we weren't able to do that last here's a quick catch up on some of the things that have been happening. our first news is that we have been running backwards and forwards to the caledon hospital with our little 10 week old baby boy who is very sick at the moment, he seems bright enough but has had a harrowing start to his life (can't go into too much detail here) and his health is very compromised. the thembalitsha stand at the concert our house moms take turns to complete a 12 hour shift sitting with the baby and liaising with the hospital staff and our wonderful volunteer team have done an amazing job in driving to and fro as we rotate those shifts. on some more positive news we were delighted to receive a visit from our good friends frank and leigh rautenbach, we first m