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Thembacare Grabouw: October 2013 News

The inpatient unit continues to ebb and flow with patients. Earlier this month we had only three patients, and now we are full again including caring for a mother of a former Village of Hope child. She is in a very bad way with what has been diagnosed as cancer, and we are doing our best to make her as comfortable as possible. We sadly lost one of our patients early this month. The outpatient carers are still on their normal routine in the community providing hope through caring for those in need, with day-to-day challenges. We also have had some volunteers who dedicated their time to assist in the community by accompanying the carers on their rounds. The HIV Counselling and Testing team goes out at least 6 times a month to the local businesses and farms to test the staff. Huge thanks goes to the driver, Johan, from Village of Hope, who compromises everything to make sure the two counsellors arrive to the farms and businesses safely. Our staff enjoyed themselves at the year-end staf

October News

Tim and Maz are back from the UK and the rest of the team are breathing a sigh of relief that they are! On their return we were able to all attend the Thembalitsha annual party which was held at a township restaurant near Cape Town. The House Mom’s said it was ‘rockin’ (!) which is always good to hear and we were able to celebrate and recognise staff members who’d made extra effort this year by presenting them with certificates. We were very thankful for our team of volunteers who took up the baton of caring for the children in the unit to allow the House Moms to be able to attend the party. Children’s Unit The unit is gradually filling beds. We now have two new children. One is a little girl who is only 3 weeks old. She is tiny! Our 3-year-old girl, who’d been having trouble walking has also been fitted with splits to assist in her development and to complement the work being done in her regular OT sessions. She is not too pleased with them at the moment and keeps trying to take them

October News!

Market   Day 2013! Meet Rosaline Fortuin (33), a teacher at Graceland Pre-primary. She started working for our preschool in 2006 as a volunteer, helping out by preparing lunch for our little ones. When another teacher was needed at Graceland we didn’t have to look very far. Her good attitude, hard work, faithfulness to Graceland and her love for children made her a good candidate. Rosaline has since completed a Level 4 course in Early Childhood Development (ECD) to qualify her as a preschool practitioner. She loves her work now more than ever. She enjoyed Market Day and wrote the following: Our Market Day on the 3 rd of October 2013 was held at Graceland. What a successful and fun-filled day it was. The event started at 3 o’clock but we had parents queuing to buy coupons from Samantha (our administrator) long before. Excitement was in the air as the bustling began.   This year we sold second- hand clothes, jewellery and vegetables, played dominoes, sang karaoke, took scooter rides, pl

October news: BB support groups

                     The 'Funky Females' Bosom Buddies support group from School of Hope with                                             Frances and our American friend, Shanon. The support group format has proven very successful for Bosom Buddies. It offers counselling and support, but more than that, companionship and rapport between people in similar circumstances or recovering from similar problems. It is disappointing that our groups aren’t always as well supported as we would like. People don’t recognise the benefits of this format and often might consider it too much effort to join our groups. However, support groups fall in line perfectly with the spirit of Ubuntu and community support and enhancement. Our most successful support group is at the School of Hope, where I meet with the ‘Funky Females’ on Friday mornings. This is a group of young women who have had children or are pregnant while attending school. I have built a strong relationship with these girls and love

welcoming new children

emma and our other special girls feeding the new baby the recent official registration of the village of hope with the department of social development has meant that our phones have been busy with calls from our local social workers as they seek to place children with us, which is obviously great news and the reason why we exist, however with any new admission the realities of the communities we work with are highlighted and the need for the services that we provide become even more evident. highlighting this fact was the arrival of our second new admission in as many weeks and this afternoon we received the second of two girls who need our care, the newest arrival is a beautiful little 3 week old who has been placed with us from some very trying circumstances and she joins a very malnourished and needy seventeen month old who was been with us for just over a week. please pray for us, the team of wonderful house moms, the social workers and our volunteers as we all try to work togethe

Themba Training: A Successful Graduation (October 2013)

by Francois Heunis, Project Manager at Themba Training 28 of our students graduated last week on 14 October. This was surely one of the most exciting and colourful graduations in the history of Themba Training. I believe four things contributed to the success of this event: 1. Patson and his students The interaction between Patson and this group of students, plus between the students themselves has been very encouraging. This group also represented an older age group than most of our previous classes. A number of the students were born in the 1940s and should be preparing for retirement. This is the furthest thing from their minds as they simply cannot afford this luxury. The prospect of finding employment at this age is almost nil, therefore establishing microbusinesses is the only way to put bread on the table. 2. New premises We held the graduation in the large training room which forms part of the new facility we will be moving into at Mfesane on 1 November. It is a great impro

The World Race comes to Graceland

Graceland's exposure is growing exponentially. This week we hosted 7 girls from The World Race as potential ambassadors and partners with the Thembalitsha Foundation . Excited to see what this connection will bring.

Rite of Passage: Matric Dance 2013

In the Western Cape the Matric Dance is an important rite of passage. Parents of all economic backgrounds, cultures and communities save for months to send their children off to their Matric Dance in style, usually sparing no expense regardless of what the rest of the family will have to go without. It is no wonder, when you consider that less than half of all Grade Ones in South Africa make it to Matric in the twelve years they are given to do so. It is no different at the School of Hope, where learners have made it to Grade 12 against all odds.  We think the pictures will tell this story best. Enjoy.

stories of hope!

as you might be aware myself (tim) and maz have been enjoying some much needed family and holiday time in europe over the last few weeks and we are so thankful to the team of wonderful volunteers and staff who valiantly held the fort whilst we were have such a team around us takes away that stress and strain when we are away and the legacy of the project is the fact that the project can run without us being as involved in the day to day stuff which is really cool. whilst we were away we had the opportunity to meet up with family and friends in england and france and we were able to share highlights and update people on the work we are doing both at the village of hope and the wider thembalitsha foundation. we also had the chance to speak at a couple of churches and a surprise fundraising event with our main focus on encouraging everyone that they can make a difference whether they are called to set up a HIV project in south africa or called to provide a hot meal to a needy n