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Hope Captured On Camera

By Emily House

Where is Tim I hear you say?! - Don't panic, he is fine and he and Maz are taking a well-earned break for a couple of weeks. Leaving me to take care of the blog!! - Eeeek. I hope I manage to do a good job! When I dropped them at the airport this morning I did remind them not to forget to come back!

For those of you may not know me, I am Emily and I, along with my husband, Rob and children, Rosie and Isaac, moved out from the UK and have been volunteering for Thembalitsha for the past three years. We work closely with Tim, Maz and Mel and live onsite here at Village of Hope. Part of my responsibility here is to manage all the communications on behalf of the Thembalitsha Foundation.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been using my experience in television production to assist with the development of a number of short films which, I hope, help to give a glimpse into the amazing work that the Thembalitsha Foundation does. You will have seen in Tim’s previous blogs the links to so…

soup run hits the news, again.

last week i was able to take our local photo journalist, peit marais, on our weekly soup run. as reported in page four of the elgin grabouwer, see image, peit captured the fact that although this is a service provided by the village of hope it really is one mans way of connecting those who are able to help with those that are in the deepest of need.

the soup run was really birthed out of a conversation had over a beer with a local restaurant manager and has blossomed over the last few years, where each and every friday we now collect soup which has been lovingly made by two of our local farmstalls, who also provide us with bread and pies and distribute it to three creches in the rooidakke and iraq areas of our town.

it really is a simple way of serving but really does show the local community that there are people out there who care for them, supplying a valuable meal to those poorest of children or people who need to take specialized medication on a full stomach.

we know that time is an…

April News

Education, Education, Education!

We are so proud of our expansion into the education field of preventative healthcare. This is what we are passionate about and in our purpose to actively and positively impact infant mortality and morbidity rates we are working without ceasing.

We are pleased to now officially partner with the City of Cape Town as well as the Department of Health in the campaign of breastfeeding education and support. As of this month, we are happy to announce the employment of another amazing and experienced breastfeeding counsellor, Liezl Bantham. For the past 8 years she has worked as a peer counsellor at the Macassar Day Hospital and she will now be a part of the Bosom Buddies team, educating at clinics in Eersteriver, Grabouw, Strand and Gordons Bay. For our next newsletter, we promise an introductory interview with Liezl.

I had the privilege to be invited to lecture at the Khayelitsha District Hospital’s quarterly 20-hour training in breastfeeding management. The tr…

April News

Do you have happy memories of Camp?

As I read Daryn’s report on our school camp, I realized how much has not changed a bit. A good camp still has all the elements you’ll read of below. Read and remember!

‘Just before the school holidays in April, a total of 40 students and staff from School of Hope went on camp. Our location was Bridges of Hope, a tranquil place situated amongst the grapevines of Franschoek. Prior to reaching our destination, we stopped at Strand beach where we were placed into teams according to our school’s core values: Hope, Family, Responsibility, Transformation and Giving.

Once settled, the Survivor themed contest began. Staff and students became fully emerged in group-building activities. The day at the beach caused much stomach-cramping laughter and brought out some healthy competition.

Once at our destination, the team activities continued in the form of war cries, structure-building competitions and other strategic team-building activities. The students were also…

April News


April News

Well, the Children’s Unit has truly been transformed at the hands of the Stuttgart University team. We now have a unit which is big enough to accommodate 15 children, a new kitchen, beautiful spacious day room space as well as a refitted bathroom and much needed treatment room. Although the team achieved a lot in a short space of time they had to leave before much of the final finishing could be done so we have been hard at work trying to maintain momentum in the hope that we can move the children in by the end of the month. It seems a long way off with still such a long snag list to complete but we are thankful that the team left some more funding to assist with this and we have been able to hire a very competent builder to assist.

We have been making the most of having our volunteers too and Shannon and the Littler Family have certainly put in the elbow grease to get the wooden floors looking super shiny! We are so thankful to the Stuttgart students who worked so hard for so long to …

Themba Training: April 2013 News

We all know, when output exceeds input, life is tough. When your personal needs (for survival), and the needs of your dependents, exceed your income, life is tough.

This is the reality of life for most who attend our micro business training course: Life is tough.

We help our students set up microbusinesses or assist them to make an existing business more effective. We celebrate with them when good profits are generated, but for many the profit is consumed by the demands to simply survive. Many do not re-invest into their businesses, and many simply do not save anything at all. This remains a key challenge and an issue which we have discussed and analyzed numerous times.

In light of this, I am excited about the four MBA students from the University of Stellenbosch who have chosen our project for study, analysis and comment. I am especially interested to see their reactions when they come into contact with “township economics”. I am interested to discover whether their advanced studies…

Thembacare Grabouw: Easter Blessings (April 2013)

March at ThembaCare Grabouw as usual was a flurry of activity especially with the Easter Public Holidays. ThembaCare Grabouw received many blessings with lots of Easter eggs and hot cross buns for the staff and our patients. The pre-school children at Spielland Pre-School gave our staff and patients Easter eggs. It's so heart-warming to see such young children donate their precious Easter eggs towards a good cause! We remain touched and humbled by this gesture.

Another group of children who have formed a club called “The Water Boys” also donated a signed T-Shirt to ThembaCare and raised about R120 for our hospice. It really brings us much joy to see that young children are being taught by the adults in their lives about the importance & relevance of hospice in their community.

further stories of hope...

it's so wonderful to be part of a wider foundation, especially one as amazing as the thembalitsha foundation, we are so proud of our six other projects and have been excited to see the new videos which capture the different aspects of work that each of the projects are doing here in south africa.

we think the village of hope video will be uploaded sometime next week but today we are pleased to share a further two thembalitsha videos which were uploaded onto youtube earlier today, these are those staring frances and laura as they share about the work they do at bosom buddies and the school of hope.

please take a few minutes to watch these stories of hope maybe go grab a coffee and a box of tissues and click on the following project names to follow the links to each of the youtube pages.

bosom buddies for ovayo's story

school of hope for khumbula's story

for those that have been uploaded for a few weeks or months follow.

thembacare athlone for unam's story

themba training for j…

a different view...

sometimes its hard to capture all that goes on here at the village of hope and to have an opportunity to look at it from a different angle is always interesting.

our most recent longer term volunteer, a wonderful young lady called shannon from hunnington beach california, is serving with us for six months and she is keeping a blog (which hasn't been updated for a while, come on shannon!) which we would like you to visit to hear her experiences as she lives and works with us....therefore please click on this link to read her blog, see some of the photos she has taken and hear about her experiences here in grabouw.

new sports shoes for our mentors

well once again a week has passed since the last blog post, things are so crazy busy here at the minute and what with that and the Easter break, during which time myself and maz celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (yes i know we don't look that old!), i haven't had time to update on all that's been happening so here goes with some latest news.

this afternoon i was able to bless our 12 sports mentors (yes i know there's only 11 in the photo but one couldn't make it) by buying them some much needed sports footwear, this was due to a wonderful donor (you know who you are and the team say a big thank you) from the USA who after visiting our sports clubs late last year wanted to ensure that the guys had proper shoes, or even a pair of shoes, as they coach the other younger children.

the shopping trip was a bit of a whirl wind as i gave the boys and girls free reign of a couple of sports shops, however i did set some boundaries and made sure that the shoes were within …