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it's time to say goodbye...and hello!

these last few weeks have been a bit of a roller coast ride, what with the farm workers strikes which meant that we were unable to provide services to over 450 patients via our thembacare hospice in grabouw, including the temporary closing of our six bed inpatient unit and obviously the passing of our dear little assi, who's memorial service was so well attended yesterday afternoon. however today we are also dealing with another change here at the village of hope.

we have been so blessed to be able to provide a home to two wonderful children for over three years, but as part of their next steps we have had to say goodbye to them this morning. we know that God has a very big plan for their lives and we are very excited about what that might look like but i wonder if we could ask you all to continue to pray for us as a team, especially mommy maz and mommy mel, as well as our house moms, who are almost mourning their passing too!

with these two little ones leave that now means that we …

the passing of our wonderful assi...and facebook page

words can't really express the feelings i have as i write this short post but i'm sure many of you will now be aware that our wonderful little assi passed away at our sister project thembacare in athlone last friday morning.

assi was not just your ordinary young kid, those who came into contact with him will forever have been touched by this little life, it was a blessing for me to have known assi, to have laughed, cried, fought and played with him was a true privilege.

the whole of the thembalitsha foundation also had a huge soft spot for assi and his passing will not only be mourned by us here at the village of hope, but also at thembacare grabouw who had the opportunity to impact his life on many occasions and we thank thandi and especially joyce for the work that they did with him. however it will be thembacare athlone where his presence will be most missed, he spent time with noma and her amazing team both prior to his stay with us at the village of hope and he obviously pa…

January News

Ending 2012 with love…
Thank you, Operation Shoebox, for ensuring that all the little ones Graceland received a gift for Christmas. We used this opportunity to share with our children as well as their parents what Christmas is really about and also about the heart from which the gift is given. As the children received their gifts, you could see each child’s eyes lighting up. Thank you for this heart-warming experience.

…And a new start for our little ones!
2013 is here! The first week of school was very exciting; a lot of new faces have been added to our school. We started with an Orientation Day to introduce the parents to Graceland’s staff, values, passion, policies and learning programme. All the new parents (25 children) attended the Orientation Day and were pleased with what Graceland is doing. Their hearts are very hopeful for their children. Our desire is to work with the parent to ensure that the hope they feel for their children’s lives will not fade but grow stronger through co…

mermaids swim for hope!

there are some amazing people around the world who support the work we do here in south africa, people have walked around islands (no not robinson crusoe), biked to various places in europe (lance?! :-)), jumped out of planes, run marathons, had their heads shaved, put on school productions to name but a few but this time we have a group of crazy students from warwick university who are planning to swim around 10 miles down (or up) the river thames in the middle of an english winter.

we are so blessed to have these wonderful people place their very lives at risk to raise a few pennies to help the cause here in south africa. if you would like to show your support to haddy and her friends then please visit their page on the justgiving web site by clicking here!

we wish you well mermaids and look forward to hearing all about it very soon.

into the thirties with another home placement

life at the village of hope can be very fragile, relationships come and go, be they with the volunteers who come to spend time at the project or the children we are here to help, and as we have said before it's never easy to say goodbye.

last week we had another goodbye to go through, this time we said our sad but in some way happy goodbye's to a three year old little girl who had been with us for around three months, and whom we have seen develop beyond recognition since she has been with us.

we didn't have much time to plan for her departure as thing had moved on a pace during the recent unrest but she is a feisty little character who likes to have her own way, and in one way that will prove very useful in the future as she returns to a family in the local formal settlement (township)...the last thing we were able to do before she left was sort out her schooling and she will be starting pre-school on monday morning, where she will be joining two other children from the vil…

Thembacare Grabouw: Effects of the Riot (January 2013)

As you may have already heard, we have had a rude awakening to 2013 here in Grabouw. Protests about farmworkers’ pay have greatly affected our work. Due to the delicate situation, we had to send some inpatients back to their homes and we were unable to make any home visits to all our outpatients. This has made for a difficult situation because we have reports to do, patients to care for and less time to do it. Last week was particularly bad but now, although there are still localised problems, relative calm has been restored. We are praying that this is the end of the protesting for now because our patients have suffered as a result and have been able to re-open now so are just trying to catch up on all our home visits and reports.

January News

Christmas-time is always bittersweet for us at Bosom Buddies. We receive a pile of gorgeous gifts from the amazing Operation Shoebox and it is a real treat to deliver these on Christmas morning as well as on New Year’s Day. I also love the optimism and excitement that surround the start of a new year; people just tend to be a little bit more hopeful for the future, specifically the year ahead. That, coupled with the miracle we witness daily, BIRTH, makes for a season of new beginnings, a happy summertime enthusiasm that we encounter in the passages of the maternity and labour ward at the hospital. It is plainly happy.

The bitter part is for the mothers who have to spend this time with their sick or premature babies at the hospital. It is especially hard for anyone to worry about a sick baby when everyone else is happy, and overindulging in festivities. The kangaroo room was full to bursting at Christmas time. I loved to see how these mothers made the best of being where they are, suppo…

January News

The Christmas period was a wonderful time in the children’s unit. With the school children on holiday, we made the most of it and took trips to the beach when we could. We were donated a fantastically glitzy Christmas Tree by some of our neighbours who run a Christmas decoration company and that helped add some festive spirit to our usual surroundings.

We were very happy to be able to spend Christmas Day hosted by The Weigmans, a wonderful couple from our local church who opened their home to all 24 of us (including visiting family) for a beautifully relaxed day by their pool. We were able to coax the children into the water and encourage them to play with all the inflatables and just relax and have fun together. The children received some gorgeous shoeboxes full of presents from the generous folk at Operation Shoebox. As you can imagine, they were very excited.

As you may have heard, 2013 has started with a lot of tension here in Grabouw and there has been strike action this past week …

hi ho hi ho its off to school we go....

we can hardly believe that the little bundle of joy that arrived at the village of hope aged just five days has taken his first steps along his journey in education, yes today he starts his first day at preschool aged three years. he joins our other little girls, one who has moved up into reception class which is a very big step for her too!

for this little boy it will be a huge step, he has had little contact with his family and most of his experience has been in our children's unit at the village of hope, please pray that he has peace and makes lots of new friends, and that he also knows we will be back to pick him up at 12 o'clock.

praying for peace....

we don't wanna get into the politics of it all but please pray for our wonderful little town which is going through some tough times at the minute. for more info on the news reports then visit these web sites EWN, IOL or news24 for more info.

theres nor way that norway can win!l

the title of this post refers to the banter that the sports mentors and older sports outreach kids were having with me before the bafana bafana game in cape town's greenpoint stadium last night, however for those of you who follow international football (that's the real european type, sometimes wrongly called to as soccer, and not the american style 'football', which is more like rugby with padding!) then you will know that in fact the little country of norway turned the tables on the south african national team and did indeed beat them 1-0.

the game was of little importance as a sporting spectacle due to the fact that it was only a friendly, providing some much needed match practice for the south african team before they host the african cup of nations (similar to the european championships and not to be confused with anything which might be referred to as a world series, which would only include one country!) later this month. but saying that it was of great importanc…

pastures new

we are truly blessed at the village of hope with our wonderful long term volunteers who serve here with us placing no financial burden upon the charity but following their call to think of others before themselves. one of those amazing people is tim berger who has not only faithfully spent the last year with us at the project but had previously lead mission teams from the united states for the last 6 years to work with the thembalitsha foundation.

tim has been a key member of our team supporting johan and heinrich in their duties around the village of hope, taking on a role in our sports outreach and also assisting with our 'rainbow smiles' HIV support group.

during the year tim has been seeking to serve the wider community of grabouw and he has decided to follow that vision that he believes God is leading him to, so he will be leaving our merry band here at the village of hope but we wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank him for his wonderful handy work and the supp…

2013 to be full of hope.....

we are sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last week or so but we have experienced some inconvenience with our internet service being cut off and us having some really great family time with the kids and house moms, as well as tim's family being over which has been nice.

on Christmas day we were welcomed to the home of some friends from elgin united church where we and all the kids, house moms and volunteers descended into their space, it was a wonderful time, the house moms and kids swam in the pool and we enjoyed some lovely food together.

the children received a new paddling pool which has entertained them for many an hour, it's great to see the joy that a simple pool of water can bring.

we also ventured to the beach on new years day, again the house moms and kids enjoyed a chilled time, splashing around in the sea and making sand castles. this is such a wonderful time of the year in cape town and we have been truly blessed with some fantastic weather.

not every one's…