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the village continues to bring ho ho hope!

it has been another amazing year here at the village of hope, we continue to see God's provision to us as we seek to serve the community of grabouw especially focusing on those infected or affected by HIV, AIDS and TB, all of which are rife in our town.

we could spend a whole blog post about the wonderful things that have happened this year, all the stories of the children that we have helped to find a stable family to go home to live with or those that we are still seeking to help via our children's unit, we could talk about the provision of a new building provided by the students from stuttgart university or the people carrier bought with funds from our friends in england and the dutch charity 'wings of support'. we could provide a long update on the sports outreach which has grown from strength to strength, now engaging with more local mentors who have been supported by the students from the HAN university in holland but all that would take such a long time, so we ur…

If only

In our work, we meet women every day. To work or volunteer for Bosom Buddies, means you need to have a love and compassion for women, particular mothers.  Often it is very rewarding and even heartening, but for the most part it is terribly frustrating and exasperating. As we prepare for the festive season, doing our Christmas shopping, I am even more aware of the need and misery that surrounds me. I am frustrated with a system that does not support our mothers. For us here in the trenches, we continue trying to keep our heads above water, treading fiercely on behalf of the women we serve as well. But where are our leaders? I am not exaggerating when I say that almost every woman I meet from the township is abused and suppressed by husbands/fathers/brothers or, mostly, by absent men who refuse to support them financially. The women have no power, no say, are often sexually abused or even just so desperate for love that they let go of all instruction with regards to HIV and birth contro…

a visit from everynation london pastors

this morning we welcomed our great supporters and pastors of the everynation church, who we have strong links with in hammersmith, london, wolfi and ali, onto the village of hope. they visited with wolfi's mum and sister as well as their children and a neice and we trust that they could see how God has worked through us since their last visit nearly two years ago.

they are such a blessing to us, we value their support, both financially via the adopt a cot scheme, and spiritually, they also bless us by providing us with support at thembalitshauk via a member of their congregation, liz lugt, who is on the thembalitshauk board back in england.

sports outreach year ends at the beach....

the children who attend our sports outreach programme are now on their summer holiday's and to celebrate the end of another amazing year we have taken around  70 of the 250 children who attend our seven weekly clubs to the beach over the last four afternoons...

...i know that sounds idyllic but to have the worry to ensure that not only do the children travel safely down the long and winding mountain pass that we have to negotiate between grabouw and the seaside town's of strand and gordon's bay but also make sure that they all have a great time playing in the water, which for some it might be the first time they have ever visited, then its not all plan sailing!

however everything went well, the weather was fantastic, the sea a perfect temperature for the kids to enjoy a dip and food provided by the dutch students, pancakes (pannenkoeken), which for some children were the first time they have eaten such a delight was all very special.

our amazing HAN students yoram and annemei…

December News

It is the festive season, a time of joy and celebrations, but also a time of stress, chaotic schedules and financial pressures. Bosom Buddies owes a huge thanks to our supporters and partners of 2012. I’d like to name a few:

•Kimberly Clark donated a truckload of sanitary towels, saving us thousands and allowing us to safeguard our mothers’ dignity.

•ATS collected and delivered this truckload of sanitary towels, as well as make monthly contributions to our project and always being at our functions – thank you guys, it has been a pleasure getting to know you.

•Friends who support the project financially – Elize Buitendag, Nadia Pickering and the Novitzkas fam, as well as loads of you who stay anonymous. (These are also the girls who keep me sane and always there to listen, invaluable!).

•Operation Shoebox for all those gorgeous gifts every Christmas and the blankets and soft toys every winter, thanks guys and gals, you make us smile.

•The Thembalitsha board members that help make up my Mile…

December News

Our Market day was a great success. It was supported by the whole farming community For example, family, friends, farm owners, community workers, local businesses and people living in the community. We raised R3000 while spending only R100. We are so grateful for the support from the Farm owners and local businesses.  Your generosity is making a difference.

The support from the community continued at our Graduation and Concert. We had about 180 people present. This was an exciting time for Graceland but also a sad time as we are now saying goodbye to our 4-5 year old class. They are leaving Graceland to go to Grade R.  We wish them all the best and pray that God would guide and protect them on their new journey. We would like to thank Devon Valley Hotel for providing us with eats for the evening, Devon Valley Primary for providing us with sound, chair and tables and also Mr. & Mrs. Ruest for putting up the curtain railing.  We really appreciate you.

At our last session for the year…
Learners from School of Hope show “Hospitality” to ITS Solar, generous donors of the Thembalitsha Foundation.

The Grade 11 Hospitality Studies  Class of 2012 presented their final practical, a three-course meal, to one of the Thembalistha Foundation’s loyal supporters, ITS Solar who are South Africa's leading heat pump and solar water heating supplier.

Learners set a beautiful table and served the company's employees a tantalising menu comprised of a trio-of-fish starter and a hint of Moroccan cuisine for the main meal. The lunch ended off on a sweet note with a raspberry trifle topped with berry compote.  Learners had an opportunity to practice their silver service and culinary skills on worthy guests. They also shared some of their inspirational stories.
 In a much-appreciated thank you letter, Director Riaan Honeyborne had this to say:

"Ons by ITS-Solar wil net vir julle baie dankie se vir die ete wat julle vir ons voorberei en bedien het. Dit was baie lekker gewees en jul…

Themba Training: December 2012 News

We had a blessed this year from volunteers visiting to our sponsors making sure that ThembaCare name is mentioned out in the community. We need to say a big thank you to Two-a-Day for the donations we received from their staff for World AIDS Day day as well as the beautiful flowers and also to Pineview Primary for the much needed soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. They might seem like boring basics but these kind of donations are practical and very welcome!

Last, but not least, to our loyal staff: THANK YOU for every minute you put in to making ThembaCare a success, for your dedication towards our clients and their families. May this festive season be blessed!

Thembacare Training: An Unfortunate Car Accident (December 2012)

November 2012 has been a very eventful month for Themba Training, with the main item of news being an unfortunate car accident.

Most Fridays, Patson accompanies our students to sell their wares on the farms in the greater Boland district. Not only is this a lucrative exercise for our students, but also gives Patson the opportunity to mentor them in the art of selling. On Friday evening ,16 November, Patson and four of the students were returning on the N2 from Grabouw when another vehicle slammed into the bakkie at high speed. Three of the students had to be rushed to hospital, two were discharged within days and another spent 15 days in the hospital with a badly damaged leg. The photo below shows the damage to Patson’s bakkie. It's a miracle that no one was more seriously injured, and we remain grateful for God’s protective hand in this.
The bakkie was loaded with bags of clothes and pillows/cushions which are sold on the farms. I believe these items absorbed much of the impact a…

December News

The children’s unit continues to roll along with the gentle flow of admissions and discharges.

Our little characters always keep us on our toes and bring smiles to our faces as they blossom in the loving environment our House Moms provide.
Hearing them pick up the English, Afrikaans and Xhosa languages is always a marvel and put us oldies to shame!
The school children had an outing to Bird World which they thoroughly enjoyed and were involved in an end of term presentation. One little girl received a certificate for 100% attendance. So proud!

We again had two children successfully placed into loving homes. The first was a little girl who spent a couple of months with us and whose mother sadly died whilst the child was in our care. The grandmother from the Eastern Cape was willing and able to take on the responsibility of this dear little girl and over one weekend an aunt travelled the 12-hour journey to Grabouw, collected the child and made the return trip!! What a mission! - but it demo…

wonderful news of our 29th home placement

yesterday we experienced the end of one of the most amazing stories that we have seen at the village of hope and what we trust will be the start of the next part of the story for our wonderful 5 year old girl who has been with us since almost the opening day back in early 2009. fact this little girl, who is HIV+ and also suffers from foetal alcohol syndrome, has spent most of her life within the thembalitsha projects, we were blessed to provide a home for her after our sister project, thembacare athlone, had stabilised this little one who came to us needing to take her fluids via a tube into her stomach.

her development has been a joy to watch, from her first day at pre-school to the time when we found a long lost great aunt who said she was willing to provide a stable home for this little girl following the death of the mother from AIDS earlier in the year.

the work that was done not only my mommy maz but also sister portia from thembacare grabouw, who has been visiting the great …

making pepernoten

yesterday our social work student, marlies, took some time to make a traditional dutch biscuit, called pepernoten, which are made around this time of year, with our older girls. they really enjoyed making and baking these biscuits which were to be their present from sinterklaas and swarte piet who give out gifts on the 5th december in holland....its all double dutch to me but they had fun all the same....