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Thembacare Grabouw: September 2012 News

At this time of year we begin to ask ourselves whether we are on target for all the things we want to accomplish this year. This is how things look so far: Our IPU have had 59 patients this year of which only 13 have died. For us this is an accomplishment and our 16 ladies in the Out Patient Unit are still looking after over 400 patients in the community. We are also very happy to have a smartly painted and improved building to work in. On top of that some of our staff have been blessed with new children themselves: Anna, Thandeka, and Jo-Anne have all had daughters and we wish them well with their new additions. So far, so good!

With a short holiday coming up at the end of this week we also just want to say a big thank you to our trusty locum staff. It means a lot to have a well deserved break and to know that the good work will continue while some of us are away on holiday.

September News


September News

At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, the international community reached consensus on working to achieve eight critical economic and social development priorities by 2015. In the words of Pres. Jacob Zuma “South Africa has committed to the eight Millennium Development Goals and embraced them into a national set of priorities.” (Stats SA, Millennium Development Goals Country Report 2010)

The eight MDGs are in their numerical order:

1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. To achieve universal primary education
3. To promote gender equality and empower women
4. To reduce child mortality
5. To improve maternal health
6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. To ensure environmental sustainability
8. To develop a global partnership for development

As the readers of an NGO newsletter, you might be wondering why we would be concerned with these Goals. To me, they are vital. I know these goals and I actively work towards achieving these goals with my government. As an activ…

September News

It’s less than a week to go until our fearless leaders (Tim and Maz) return from their 6 week break. We are thanking the Lord for getting us through so far without too many hiccups! Although we have had some rather frustrating technical issues with our water system (which has to go through lots of hoops, gadgets and gizmos to make it clean before it magically comes out of our tap) we are still standing!

Children’s Unit
The children have been enjoying some more pleasant weather and it makes everyone’s lives a little easier when they have opportunity to let off steam outside! They are looking forward to a short, one-week school holiday too. Let’s hope the weather is good to us then too!

Last week we had a new admission of a cute little two-year-old girl. She is settling in really well to our strange little family here and certainly is happy to hold her ground around the older children! You may have read our blog post about her but we have recently found out her mother died due to TB. It is…

Reality Bites

We are always very excited to have a new admission to the children's unit and last week we were able to welcome a gorgeous little two-year old girl (although she looks more like a one year old than two because she is so under-developed). She has settled in really well, is smiley, affectionate and definitely has some dance moves on her! She even has a pronounceable name which is always a relief for us English speakers!

She was referred to us because her mother, who is HIV positive, was too ill and had been taken to hospital because of TB. The social worker had said that the mother looked like she wouldn't survive much longer but we have often been told such things and then seen dramatic restorations to health so we didn't give it too much attention.

This week we heard that the mother had died. Just like that.  Of course, we don't know the reasons why this lady got so ill but it does make me wonder....Was she born with HIV or was she given it unknowingly? How did she find …

The Perfect Reason To Celebrate!

Last week, our little girl, who has been living at Village of Hope since we opened three years ago, celebrated her 5th birthday! It is hard to believe she is so big! She truly is a reason to celebrate because, even at 5 years old, she is one of life's survivors. Not only is she living with HIV but she also was a foetal alcohol syndrome baby. Her mother came from a farm that used the dop farm system (where workers were paid in alcohol rather than cash) and drank heavily during the pregnancy which has stunted her mental and physical development. When she arrived at Village of Hope she was severely malnourished and neglected and had to be fed via a tube in her stomach. Goodness knows what would have happened to her if she had not been discovered by the social workers! Now, although she is slightly smaller than the average five year old and has a short attention span, you would not be able to see there is anything wrong with her. She is such fun to be around and a cheeky little monkey…

cycle to the sea

as i write this post 9 intrepid cyclists will be on their way to brighton on the 2012 cycle to the sea, raising funds for the village of hope and the wider thembalitsha foundation.

myself and maz rose early to see the guys off from thame clock tower at 8am this morning, sending the team off on their 100 mile ride from west to east, the day has been extremely warm and we are trusting that they have enough water with them for what will be a hot ride.....

...two of the riders, dan and harry, are actually gonna be riding for 3 days, attempting to cover 300 miles in a round trip via brighton, southampton back to thame, if you would like to sponsor them, thus donating to the work that we are doing in south africa then click on this link to their justgiving site......or if you would like to support the core team of tref, andy, cara, lucy, robin chris and chris' friend andy then please click on this link

thanks guys and we hope to have some good news very soon that you completed the trip suc…

A Land of Promise - Reflections on some recent photos

For the next few weeks this blog might not be up to its usual standard. Whilst Tim and Maz are away I will be filling. But be encouraged; normal service will be resumed in October!

Perhaps one of my favourite things about living in this place is how often we get to see rainbows. I can't explain why we see so many of them (I am sure that science is involved so it's best for me not to go there with my limited knowledge) but what I can say is that they are beautiful and I never take them forgranted. Whenever I see them I am reminded of God's promise to never leave us or forsake us and whenever I see them here in Grabouw I am reminded that God has never left and won't forsake the people here. 
Working in this kind of environment, when we are faced with desperate situations more days than not, it really does make a difference to have this encouragement - especially on the days where it's hard to see that we are making a dent in the brokeness . It's good for us to be r…