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Still praying

It is hard when you realize that sometimes our hands are cut off, we have no control over what decisions our moms make when they leave our room.
This morning I had to console a heartbroken Zoleka. Zoleka is our new employee, a phenomenal group facilitator, well trained and versed in breastfeeding training and specializing in mother-to-child-transmission and the prevention thereof. I am so proud of her and to have her as a part of our team. Zoleka received a phone call at 4am this morning, informing her that one of her patients died last night. She was shot by her husband. She was 5 months pregnant and the mother of a 2-year-old. A few months ago she confessed to Zoleka that upon divulging to her husband that she is HIV positive, he was furious and threatened to reject her. Zoleka thought the issues have since been resolved. I asked Zoleka why the victim’s sister thought to call her. Apparently Zoleka’s number was saved in the woman’s cell phone as “my best friend”. She is her breastfee…

continued blessings

this weekend we have been overwhelmed with volunteers from the U S of A, on saturday evening ashlyn joined us for a four week stay, she is the sister of britton, a long term volunteer who served with us for 3 months last year. then on sunday evening the latest team from infocus augusta joined us for a week long mission trip.

we hope that ashlyn will become involved with all things village of hope and she has already experienced an amazing kids outreach in site view yesterday afternoon as we had over 70 children attend our club in that area, we are sure that she will fit right in and become a key member of our team for her shorter spell with us.

the augusta team are returning for another bout of self sacrifice, it's great to have returning teams, familiar faces that we just get on so well with, there isn't the need to break the ice they just fit right in but with new members who are also keen to make a difference here in grabouw. this time they have undertaken the huge task of re…

May News

Well winter is definitely on it’s way and we are thankful that we have log fires to keep us warm on the colder days. We are also very thankful that we have our own supply of wood here on the farm thanks to our small plantation which has always been enough. The maintenance team (as they are now known!) Tim Berger, Heinrich and Johan have been kept busy cutting trees to keep our wood store replenished.

Children’s Unit
Chicken pox has been making its way through the children’s unit!! It’s never ideal for any child to have to deal with such an illness but we were worried that the HIV positive children would really suffer. Thankfully they all seem to be coping very well with it and most of them have only had it mildly. Well done to our House Moms for getting though it too!

Another month generally means another birthday and this time it was for one of our girls who turned four. This particular girl has been with us for over a year and has had no contact with her mother for over six months. The…

Thembacare Grabouw: May 2012 News

This month we celebrated Mother’s Day and we were very happy to be surprised by a visit from the Ekko Club from Pineview Primary School who brought us a beautiful flower arrangement to honor us as mothers and to say thank you for the work we do in the community.

You may remember, last month we asked you to pray for one of our inpatients. She is still in a very bad way and battling with TB meningitis as well as HIV. Please continue to stand in prayer with us. She is becoming less and less responsive and we are finding it hard to administer the medication. We fear that only God can intervene now. Please also pray for her two boys who attend clubs run by Village of Hope and must be very worried about their mother. They are currently having pre-trauma counselling and will need to be looked after by their grandmother unless a miracle happens. Thankfully they do have a willing grandmother, and we are helping her to fill out grant forms so she can get some support for childcare. It is a ver…

May News

A team from the USA, lead by Krissy from Thembalitsha, visited the school for three days (23-25 April). Lindsay, Brian and Heather were a tremendous support to the Graceland staff. Their programme consisted of spending the morning with the children singing songs, doing fun crafts and playing games. Something very special was when Brian (USA) shared his message with the children in English and Renette (Every Nation's team leader at Graceland) translated his message into Afrikaans so that the children would understand. Afternoons were spent assisting Leon in varnishing the veranda’s wooden beams. Although their time with us was short, their impact was significant. Their love for Jesus and care for the children and staff of Graceland displayed how much Jesus cares for his children, all across the nations.

 The team of students from Every Nation Church in Stellenbosch, who visit Graceland on a weekly basis, have spent the past few Wednesdays reinforcing the theme of colours with the ch…

May News

Our Swedish Connection Continued!....

Last month we told you of the exchange students we received for a visit. This month it was our turn to go to Sweden!

Six of our learners and two educators participated in a unique cultural exchange.  From the streets of the Cape Flats, learners were flown over the Baltic seas to a the country known for originating the Nobel Peace prize, and producing Volvo, ABBA , IKEA and Roxette. The learners landed in Sweden not knowing what to expect but excited for the unknown and for an experience they would never have dreamt of.

They had the opportunity to become a part of a Swedish family and experience life at school in a small town called Kumla. Our learners attended classes in arts, music, Spanish, physics, entrepreneurship, woodcraft and their favourite, sports. They played indoor soccer, squash and learnt Swedish folk dancing.
During their time in Kumla, the town flew the South African flag in their honour. They were also invited for lunch at the municipa…

May News

Dazzle, Dance and Dine for Bosom Buddies, our annual fundraiser was a huge success. Many thanks to all who helped with the organising. This month I would like to share my speech with our readers:

It is not easy what we do. My colleagues will confirm that sometimes we get overwhelmed by the need, we get saddened by the circumstances and our hearts ache with the hugeness of our task. It is only by the grace of God that we get up each day and continue doing what we do. We are a Christian organisation and all the honour and thanks I have to lay at God’s feet.

Bosom Buddies was born out of the need of the women who give birth at our local public hospitals. 500 or more women give birth at Helederberg Hospital alone each month, many of whom do not have the essentials they need for themselves or their babies. We fervently collect and fundraise in order to provide women with the famous Bosom Buddies bag. This bag of ours contains a set of newborn clothes, some nappies, a pack of sanitary towels …

some days that bite back!

this is a personal reflection and although it picks up some thoughts around the thembalitsha foundation please read it as a tim to all post rather than a village of hope to all....ok?

life here at the thembalitsha projects in grabouw can sometimes become so focused on the doing, reports need to be written, banking needs to be done, proposals submitted, talks to various funders planned, sports outreach prepared, children's hospital visits made, staff issues sorted, vehicles and buildings maintained, the list goes on and like many companies and individuals our lives are spend on the more mundane things rather than lifting our eyes above the paperwork and seeing the bigger picture.

life can also become comfortable, and yes we have left home, family and even continents to be able to serve our community here in grabouw but we do have access to many of the luxuries that we become so attached running water, an inside toilet or two, electricity to power an oven or heated blanket, …

hope to light

this morning we said our goodbyes to amanda (the thembalitsha funding manager) and karline who have set off on their epic ride from the village of HOPE to the LIGHT house at cape agullas (the southern most point of africa. their HOPE to LIGHT ride will be made on the gravel roads, taking in such sights as the elgin valley apple orchards and the town of hermanus (home to the southern right whale)....they are cycling to raise awareness of the thembalitsha foundation and are collecting funds for a new mini bus for the village of hope.

if you would like to support them on their journey you could catch them at the everynation church in hermanus tomorrow but should you be unable to cheer them on their way you could make their (and our) day please donate at amanda's givengain page by clicking here!

time to play

one of the most disappointing and frustrating things about running the village of hope is the limited amount of time we have to just play with the kids that God has placed here. much of mine and maz' (as well as our longer term volunteers like rob and em, or tim, mel or even johan and heinrich) time is spent on completing the long list of daily tasks, such as shopping, or admin for social workers, or finances or report writing for our stats given to the department of health.. we seem to spend more time cutting grass, mending the myriad of broken things, taps, cars, toys etc......rarely do we have chance just to chill with the kids.

however just before i went out to run a sports outreach at a local farm yesterday (which in itself is an amazing part of what we do!) i passed the kids lying around on the newly transformed trampoline and grabbed a minute or so just to support them as they jumped into the you can see by the photo they are somewhat fearless and reached heights w…