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February News

‘Hope is Here’ is the new single from Wholehearted and is inspired by the work of the Thembalitsha Foundation.

If you caught us when we were in the UK you will have had a sneak peak. The single in available for free download (click here) and the video, that was filmed in Grabouw, shows some of the work of Village of Hope and ThembaCare. Those that are subscribed to our email newsletter (sign up here) get an exclusive preview of the video which will be released officially later on this week. We will post here and on our facebook page when it's released. Make sure you check it out - You might even recognise a few faces!

Through everything that we do as a Foundation our main aim is to bring New Hope and we hope that the video gives you a taste of just that. You can also see more stories of hope within our news this month – because we have been very busy and have lots to share! We hope the stories inspire you to join us in our quest to create positive change in our communities.

This mont…

dutch visitors with gifts from ajax...

this afternoon we were blessed by the visit of our good friends harry, winny and son joel, their daughter elise worked with us on her placement in grabouw from the HAN university a couple of years ago and we stopped with them when we visited the HAN in nijemgen in november.

harry has some good contacts with ajax amsterdam (the real ajax) and during our training session with one of our sports outreaches in iraq informal settlement this afternoon we were able to present the most regular of our boys, along with one of longer term our sports mentors, michael from waterwerks, with a waterproof training jacket...which was very welcome as we had some very unseasonably wet weather which meant that the children could go home warm and dry!

the younger children received ajax scarves and tee shirts, the children at the village of hope were also blessed with some goodies...thanks guys your support certainly does make a difference.

Themba Training: February 2012 News

The first half of 2012 is a very important, challenging and exciting time for Themba Training. Firstly, we have had to find new premises in Crossroads, and at the moment we are renovating and upgrading one of the buildings at the Mfesane Complex in Old Crossroads. We are excited about it as we will have 3 rooms in which to offer our training.

We will continue with the Micro MBA course training entrepreneurs/small business owners in the Gugulethu, Crossroads, Nyanga, Phillipi suburbs. We have also been invited to offer the course in Langa. In 2011, we decided to widen the training we offer and are currently preparing much for the launch of the new computer and security training courses we plan to start within the next few months. We will offer 3 computer courses – ranging from a very basic PC Introduction course, to a more advanced course which has official Seta accreditation. The course is based on simulations meaning that learners are performing the procedures whilst learning. The c…

February News

Well, we are surviving the summer heat thanks to our new covered outdoor area (and Rick and Eve Beeton). It really does make a difference to have somewhere to be outside in the shade. We have also got two volunteers who are doing community service from Gimnasium Gior. They are helping to paint the building so we are going to look very clean and fresh by the time they are done.

This month we have also been blessed by a lovely lady called Yvonne who has started volunteering with us every Monday to help us with focused sessions for the children’s gross motor skills. She is doing a fab job, thanks Yvonne!  We have also been invited on a course to learn more about teaching gross motor skills by the Clamber Club in Somerset West. It’s always great to have the opportunity to learn more. I look forward to telling you all about it in next month’s news.

Finally, please support our Fancy Hat Tea which is happening in a couple of weeks. See the invite below for further details.

February News

A great ending makes for a great beginning and with the wake of the victory of 2011 behind us, the path ahead has been a joy!

Three new educators joined the team this year. Nhau Mapfirakupa will teach Maths Literacy, Mathematics and Natural Science. He is as serious about maths as a teacher can be and he has brought professionalism and a no-nonsense attitude to the school family. "It is my first time in an institution like this one where there is too much love and caring for each other. Our learners are a special group and they know we are a good family at school. The danger may be with those who can take advantage of the love and care extended to them."

"Most of my learners just hate my subject, Maths, so my priority is to make them love Maths, as it is a condition to passing the subject."

Adekunle Oyewo is the new Tourism and Technology teacher. There is nothing he will not do to add value to the staff team and the family of learners. He has morphed into IT Technici…

Thembacare Grabouw: February 2012 News

We are very happy bunnies here at ThembaCare Grabouw because this month we have become proud owners of a brand new car! We have been in desperate need for some new wheels for a while now seeing as our other vehicles are on their last legs and have been spending more time being fixed in the garage than out. It was part funded by the lovely people at the Gerald Wright Foundation (from whom we rent the building that is our In-Patient Unit). It is a seven seater so will give us lots of flexibility and allow us to continue to transport our TB patients who are often too weak to walk to the clinic when they first start their medication. It also makes it so much easier for our palliative carers to check up on our outpatients who live in the more remote areas of our community.

We were also treated very well on Valentines Day by Elgin Free Range Chicken who gave each of us a homemade chocolate heart. Sister Joyce and her team continued to spoiled the patients and staff by grilling boerewors ro…

February News

A friend asked me recently if the work I do doesn’t get me down. Well, to answer this is complicated. I love and have a real passion for Bosom Buddies. I love meeting the new moms, collecting their stories and cooing over the babies. I enjoy praying for them and obviously it is a pleasure to bless them with our Bosom Buddies bag. I have grown quite fond of the staff at both Helderberg Hospital and Macassar and try to foster and grow these relationships as colleagues and friends. My volunteers are priceless and my staff is precious and valued. Fundraising is hard, but we have been provided for every single month and have not once gone without something we need. Just last month we ran out of sanitary towels (one of our biggest expenses and an absolute essential in our bags) and had to go without for two hospital visits before a mountain full arrived at our door! You see, God always provides. Tuli asked me in the morning if it is time to start praying for sanitary pads and I said I’ve be…

let the stamping begin!

after all the hard work of getting the foundations dug and established the ukuquala II team have begun the laborious task of creating the walls. this isn't via the traditional brick and mortar method but the more unusual straw and clay mix which needs to be compacted into the shuttering boards.

the guys have a great way of doing putting on some gum boots and literally stamping up and down until the straw is compact enough.

oh and for your info the international art of builders tea has taken on a new stance, the team still retain the tin cups but have adopted water as their preferred beverage!

2 year old birthdays!

having been open for nearly 3 years and having an intake criteria of children aged 0-7 years we would obviously have a lot of birthdays, however the one that we seem to celebrate more than any other is a child's second birthday....this week we have held another party this time for one of our most recent admissions a little boy who is placed with us whilst we stabilized him on this TB and ARV medication.
he is another of our successes as he will be placed back out with his mom next weekend. it has been wonderful to see his development and to be able to provide him with a fun filled party will have been a great send off!

firm foundations

we are encouraged by Jesus to set our lives, what we believe, what we hold to when the going gets tough, on firm foundations. he uses a strong visual image of two men building on different foundations, one sand and the other the storm and flood comes which one will stand? Jesus says he is the rock, that solid foundation.

like Jesus story we all need to build on firm foundations, whether that be a business venture, our lives or even a charity looking to provide hope via health, education and training. this week the ukuqala II team have been putting this into action as they firstly made sure that the sand stone that they were building on was firm enough to plant the 9 meter posts into the ground (yes we used dynamite to do this!) and then ensured that they were securely set each of the one with concrete and then a wider 'slab' with reinforced metal to hold the whole structure together with further concrete poured over the top to ensure the building would stand firm.


grace arrives for three months and a short update on the children

earlier this week we welcomed our latest long term volunteer from the frozen north, grace joins us for three months from england and will not only be involved with the work in the children's unit here at the village of hope but she will be a key member of our sports outreach and 'rainbow smiles' HIV support group.

it's great to have any volunteer commit for the longer term, they can really feel useful and make such a difference as they take on some of the day to day jobs which the rest of the team have to undertake when they aren't around. grace joins our other long term volunteers tim, mel and jess in our volunteer accommodation and is already proving to be a real hit with our children.

many of you have been asking for an update on our two year old girl who is in tygerberg hospital, well she is still undergoing checks on her liver to make sure that she can be started on her ARV (HIV medication) and we hope to have her back with us next week. our eldest boy has had t…

Cape Summer Trail Series Championship


Our MILES FOR MOMS team ran a very successful final two races in the Cape Summer Trail Series of 2012.

Race 4 on Wednesday 1 Feb, at Tygerberg, was once again a challenge in that the wind was howling. We met some our steepest ascents and yet again one of our team members was sick on the mountain. Well done to Jan Scholtz who perservered in spite of feeling miserable and finished his race. This goes to prove that these runs are definitely not a joke and a real, definite, absolute challenge.

For our final race on 5 Feb at Oak Valley, Grabouw, we were joined by some friends and our team was a force to reckon with! Thanks to all friends of Bosom Buddies for joining us, in particular Neil Cox who ran along for 3 races, Emily House, who did her speedy thing at both Grabouw events and all the other happy faces on the picture above.

Three of us qualified for the championship medal and in case you were waiting for final results before you sponsor us, here it is:
Anthony Geard ran a tota…

praying for our children

on tuesday morning maz took our little two and a half year old girl into tygerberg hospital where she will stay for a few days whilst the team get her started on her ARV (anti retro viral) medication for her HIV. normally there's no need for our children to go to hospital to start this treatment but due to the fact that she is also on TB medication and has had TB meningitis then the staff want to observe her before sending her back to stay with us at the village of hope.

she is such a dear little (well not so little) thing, she copies everything anyone says and has really developed since she has been with us. please pray for her as she stays on her own and that there wont be any complications with the different types of medication.
we are longing to see her happy smile back with us again soon.

an update on our 11 year old boy is that he has now been discharged from the red cross children's hospital into our sister project, thembacare athlone, mommy maz visited him yesterday and h…