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father christmas visits grabouw again...

during last week we made the necessary changes to our heavy duty trailer once again converting it into santas sleigh. the plan was to tow it into the community on thursday afternoon but with a little unseasonal drizzle we postponed it until friday afternoon.

this was the third year that we have taken santa into our community and this year johan, our maintenance man, was chosen to play the role as father christmas, following in the footsteps of my dad who played him last year and our wonderful norwegian volunteer, trondor played him the first year we were here.

we decorated the bakkie, toyota hilux, with tinsel and balloons, fitted a new speaker system which enabled us to play some traditional christmas hits at a louder volume than we had been able to do previously. johan was joined by some of our longer and short term volunteers in the sleigh where they 'gave' out sweets to the excited children that we passed by.

its great to see the reaction of both the children and also the adu…

a happy christmas from the village of hope

we just wanted to thank all of our wonderful friends for their support this year, whether you are family, have volunteered (which automatically makes you family as well!), given funds, arranged an event, hosted us during our trips to europe, you know who you are and we really do appreciate you.

the children who live with us at the village of hope will be going to spend christmas with our house moms, thus giving the moms an extra few days with their families, the children a bit of a holiday and the volunteer team a little time to chill and enjoy the festive season.

so from the village of hope team, the house moms, the children in the unit and those in the community we want to wish you all a very happy christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year.

unfortunately we can't post a photo of us with the children, but if you would like to receive one then we would be more than happy to email you one, so please get in contact, either through the blog or facebook and we will arrange that fo…

its hard not to take offence!

yesterday we discovered that for the second or third time since we installed a 'security' fence around the village of hope that around 8 of the posts which were set in concrete to hold the fence had been stolen. after the original installation we were unfortunate to have around 200 meters of the fence stolen so we undertook to install a new barbed wire fence in it's place, fixing that to the posts, and in doing so spraying the posts with red paint so if anyone thought that they could take those posts we would know who did it and speak with them about it.

the fence isn't going to stop anyone getting onto the property but we thought it would serve as a deterrent, giving a visible and physical boundary to our land. yesterday i spent around R1,000 purchasing replacement wire, which had been cut to free the posts, which is money that you generous givers have donated towards the work we do with the children!.

in the afternoon i ventured into the township to see if i could spot…

beach trips and christmas parties...

this could be somewhat of a reoccurring post over the coming few weeks as we enjoy some of the blessings that our children will be receiving during this christmastide and with the fact that the local schools close for their long summer/christmas holidays this means that our sports outreach into the community, which we run each and every school day afternoon takes a bit of a rest and we are able to do some more fun stuff with those kids and the others we support in our community.

in september we started a new club for children living in the local community who are HIV+ and known to either the day hopstial, thembacare grabouw or village of hope, and on friday, as part of their C
christmas surprise, we were able to take them to our local country club for an afternoon filled with fun and food, which they really enjoyed.

we were also able to take our own children (those that live with us at the village of hope) to the beach over the weekend, which was enjoyed by the children but more so by ou…

a very positive party...

we (tim and maz) arrived back to find that the village of hope was still standing, we want to thank rob, em, mel, johan, our house moms and other key volunteers for doing such a wonderful job when we were away.

as with most things we found that there were a plethora of activities set up for the children to enjoy, which can be increasingly busy around this time of year as people want to bless our children and those that we support in the community with presents and parties, which are all wonderful but take time to arrange and run.

yesterday we had the pleasure of taking the children from the village of hope, along with those known to thembacare (grabouw) and our day hospital to a party, hosted at agape but organised by mel from the village of hope, a sister from the day hospital and marlene from thembacare. mel also had help from our longer term volunteer heather who had sorted a magician to keep the children entertained whilst they waited for their food.

around 80 children attended, alon…

Rocky Road No More?

Those of you who've been out to visit us at Village of Hope will know that the approach to our property is a bit of a 4x4 challenge to say the least. Especially in the winter when rivers appear from nowhere after a small amount of rain! The track is unmade with potholes every few metres and it really takes it toll on our vehicles (as well as our backs!) and we are frequently taking visits to our friendly tyre fixers, Supaquik, to get puncture repairs and new tyres.
We have been hoping and praying that one day, we might have enough funds, or some generous person might donate us money, to fix the road and make it into a smooth tar road...and lo and behold, today there have been some 'road fairies/angels' sent to sort it out! 
True, it's not tar race track by any means but it is certainly vastly improved and very luxurious in comparison to what we were experiencing yesterday. 
The reason the track is being repaired is because the farm next door to us is being used to shoot a…

a wholehearted walkers update III

if you have been following us recently you will know that we have been busy with a tour around england with a wonderful worship band called wholehearted, we have had an amazing time and we just wanted to capture a few highlights of the tour with you. 

last monday morning we met the band at Gatwick at 7am and were joined by 'tour manager/driver/sound enginer' and wanna be drummer, mr james porter, after the first of many coffees we exposed the band made up of charl folscher, pierre and helena smith, handri and jaqueline de villiers and daniel botha, along with danni's wife sanmarie (who worked her magic with the multi media presentations during the evening) to the icy cold english weather, which was nice and frosty. we then drove down to Bath (taking around 3 hours!) and settled them in....later we met up later in Bath to show them the christmas market, but it was shut by 7pm! (typical!)

tuesday we met up for prayer and then ventured down to taunton for an evening event at th…

world aids day event/s

if you have been following our blog for the last few years you will know that today, 1st december, is special day in our year.....working with people infected or affected by HIV and AIDS is what we do here in south africa and today is world AIDS day and we invite you to join us in raising the profile of our work in what is still a disease with a huge amount of stigma.

whilst we (tim and maz) are over here in england we have an opportunity for you to come and join us in aylesbury this evening where we will be hosting an event with the wonderful south african band, wholehearted. for more info on the event then please follow this link to both their facebook site and tour blog.

for those of you unable to join us then we are also hosting a day of prayer with the wider thembalitsha foundation where we are asking you to pray for the work we are doing with those infected by this disease.  please follow this link to the news and media page on our website for our prayer requests.

or should you wis…

December News

Kirsten Cupido (20) dropped out of school in 2008 and spent the year at home, despondent. “I started to believe the lie that I was not good enough,” said Kirsten. She joined the School of Hope in 2009 as a quiet and timid Grade 10 learner. She surprised us in the middle of the year, when she ran for school Captain. In spite of making an outstanding speech, she lost to the charismatic Manhino Dias (matriculated 2010). Nonetheless, she ran again in 2010 and, yet again, lost to another outstanding leader, Fatimah Santon (Grade 11). Nonetheless, she continued to lead in many unrecognised ways; at least they were recognised by the general school population, but those astute amongst the staff certainly noticed. In her Grade 11 year, she made a life-altering decision to end the dysfunctional relationship she was in, to concentrate on securing a better future for herself. It was a decision that would change her life.Since then, she has shown consistency in her academics and has been a positiv…

Thembacare Grabouw: December 2011 News

The end of 2011 is creeping up on us, and a mission team from InFocus Church (Augusta, Georgia, USA) blessed us with an early Christmas present! They have completely tiled our day room. It was looking very tired before and now, with two days hard work from them, the place looks great. Thanks you guys!

Last month our inpatient unit was very quiet but now we are one hundred percent full. We were sad to lose one patient in his fight against cancer. It's always tough when this happens, but we pride ourselves in giving the best possible care to these people in their last days.

The past few weeks we have been busy preparing for our HPCA audit. We are trying to get everything in line so that we might possibly achieve a 2-star status for our project. Our Outpatient carers have been battling with Grabouw’s weather elements. The rain and stormy weather makes it very difficult for them to get out and see all their patients, but they are dedicated as always.