Wonder-boy's 2nd Birthday

Today we have been very excited to celebrate the second birthday of a little boy whom we’ve been looking after since he was just five days old. This precious little one really is one of our miracle children. He came to us because his family weren’t able to care for him correctly: His mother is HIV positive, blind and lives, along with the Grandmother, in a shack in one of the most desperate areas of town. She was not able to feed him properly so she was advised that sugared water would be a good alternative! Needless to say he ended up at the day hospital because he was hypo-glycaemic and then was referred to us by social services.

Babies born to HIV positive mothers have a slim chance of avoiding the virus but they have to wait until they are 12 weeks old to find out for sure one way or the other. We were praying very hard in those few months, asking the Lord to protect him from the virus. So we were over the moon to find that this little boy was, by God's grace, not HIV positive. He is wonder-boy! He is fit and healthy and it has been a pleasure to witness all the exciting developments in his live so far; learning to sit, learning to walk, learning to talk…Although it is sad that he cannot have a typical family around him to celebrate, I think, as far has he is concerned, we are his family. After all, we are all he has ever known!

We continue to work side-by side with the social services for this little one’s best interests and, you never know, by this time next year, wonder-boy might be celebrating his birthday with a family of his very own!….we will just have to wait and see.


  1. missing you all, please give little Z a kiss from us....see you all soon!....tim


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