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October News

Once again we find another month flew by here at the Village of Hope, Maz’s sister, Viv, and brother in law, Mark, have been visiting the project on a sort of ‘holiday’ so Tim and Maz have enjoyed a few days away in the Cederberg mountains with them, which they tell us was beautiful....maybe because of the lack of mobile reception!?

This month our headline news must be the final completion of the house that was built by the team from Stuttgart earlier this year. Rob and Emily are thrilled to finally be in. We are also pleased to announce the appointment of a Nursing Sister to assist with the medical side of the children who live with us. Sister Portia will be shared between us and Thembacare Grabouw, where she will oversee our Home Based Palliative Care Team. She comes highly recommended and we are already seeing the benefits of having a professional nurse around the place.

The wider Thembalitsha Foundation held their ‘staff party’ at the Erinvale Golf Club, in Somerset West, and all of…

Thembacare Grabouw: October 2011 News

We ended September with a generous donation from one of our local companies, Elgin Free Range Chicken, who’ve sponsored us, with the help of other companies, for R500 per month until February as well as two fly zappers to keep the bugs at bay. Thank you girls, Linka and the rest of the team.

It’s also with sadness that we had to say farewell to one of our members. Staff nurse Suzette Le Roux decided that her season has ended here at ThembaCare. Thank you for you hard and dedicated work in the HCT unit. We will miss you greatly.

This month was the inpatient unit was filled with the happy sound of children’s’ laughter whilst a 13 month-old boy and his four year old sister spent a couple of days with us alongside their mom in the unit. They are now back at home doing well.

We are also very excited to welcome Sr Portia to the Out-Patient Unit. Her responsibility will be to us and the childrens’ unit at the Village of Hope. It is fantastic to have some more skilled hands on the team to sh…

October News

The late afternoon of Tuesday 11th October was just another mild spring day in Cape Town. As a whistle blew one last time on a sports field in Maitland one group of soccer players cheered and hugged each other in victory whilst the others, exhausted and disappointed, heads bowed, had to stomach the bitter taste of defeat..............and that was us!
Unfortunately we had just lost 3-0 in the Amandla Knock Out Competition Final to the B.E.S.T Centre, a team who we had previously beaten. It was just one of those days when nothing went “our way”- we forgot our game plan which we had rehearsed and used in other games to good effect and we had been unfortunate to have several key refereeing decisions go against us. Not a good way to end the season for the School of Hope Under 19 Soccer team.
However, with the following day I was able to see the positive side of our season – we had been beaten finalists in the Knock Out Trophy but Winners of the Amandla Under 19 League Competition so we have …

October News

This month we just want thank the Lord for his grace and blessings over Graceland.  Here at Graceland we can see everyday how great the
Lord is for every one of us.

From this quarter we are going to get the children ready for their graduation which will be taking place on 30th November 2011. We are also starting with assessment to see if they are ready for Gr.R next year.

We had three excellent workshops to refresh our brains again. With the help of an occupational therapist Anoeska De Villiers and two students Simone and Sandi from Cape College.  We really want to say thank you to them for their help.

We also want to thank Helen and Jenifer from Texas for giving us fans for our classrooms for the summer and wall clocks and a DVD as well as some lovely dolls. Distell Winery from Stellenbosch also want to help us with Donations towards Graceland. I will tell you all that exciting news in the next newsletter!

Finally, thank you to Every Nation Church Students and Stellenbosch University, tha…

October News

One of our proudest achievements of this past year has been the establishment of our breastfeeding support group. This group has been tremendously successful in Macassar. It runs every Friday between 10 and 12 and has grown enormously since its inception in June 2011. To be entirely honest, the first few weeks were quite disheartening since, more often than not, I waited in the library for the 2 hours with not one woman arriving. But word of mouth has proved tremendously successful and within just a few short months, we now weekly have 12 to 15 women and their babies attending. This past Friday was our record with 18 moms there!

Let me tell you about some of our regulars:

Michelle and baby Raquel. Raquel is now 2 months old and Michelle has been attending the group for about 6 weeks. Raquel is the most gorgeous little girl! Michelle has two older daughters, one a teenager and a 9-year old. She is a wonderful mother, so full of love for her daughters and shares her experience and knowled…

Tim and Maz on Tour

I know you've all been counting down the days until you can see Tim and Maz again....
Well, I am pleased to tell you that it's only two more sleeps until they set foot on UK soil! Whilst they are busy trying to make sure they have handed everything over before they leave (and we are busy panicking about what to do when they do!) I thought I would let you know their tour details so that you can find out when you can see them. I have not put the full information on here (such as all the addresses etc) but if would like further details then please email me: and I will be happy to fill you in. Please try and see them if you can. They would love to see you and also have some amazing new stories to share from the project.

Here goes:

Sun Oct 30
AM Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard Church

Sun Nov 6 10:00am – 12:00am
AM Holy Trinity Church, Ashby De La Zouch
PM Loughborough

Mon Nov 7
AM Banbury

Thu Nov 10 
PM Student Alpha, Loughborough

Fri Nov 11
PM Huddersfield

Sun Nov 13 

new wholehearted video shoot

as part of our fundraising drive for the work that thembalitsha is doing in grabouw, via thembacare and village of hope, and the wider foundation with the other 5 projects in the western cape, we are once again partnering with the amazing south african band from somerset west called 'wholehearted', these guys filmed a music video with us last year (see youtube link here) and they have been visiting us and the communities that we work in to shoot a new video for a song that will be used to tell the story of the day to day lives of thousands of people in our town and other such towns like grabouw throughout south africa.

yesterday afternoon and all day today we have been filming in the waterworks informal settlement, using everyday people to tell their everyday stories, we also shot part of the film with the soccer club that we run in the iraq informal settlement and also had help from the careworkers and house moms at thembacare and the village of hope.
we were blessed to have th…

jesmond team put video on youtube

this afternoon andy greenshields place a video montage that he had put together of the trip he made with the rest of the team from jesmond/newcastle to the village of hope earlier this year. if you wanna have a look at what mission teams get up to when they come to serve the community via our thembalitsha projects here in grabouw then please follow this link to andy's youtube post.

thanks andy and its great to have a record of what you did for us and our community.

sport against crime

as part of our community outreach i (tim) sit on the grabouw community police forum and on saturday we (the village of hope sports outreach team, our local mentors and our two dutch students from the HAN university) along with the local grabouw police station took a team of fifteen under 14 boys to play in a soccer tourament in cape town. around 16 police stations took part in this event from all over the cape metro and overberg region, the event was all part of the poilce campaign 'sport against crime' and was sponsored by shoprite and coke.

the tournament took place at the santos football club in lansdowne and the well manicured pitches were a little different to those that we are used to practice on in grabouw, in fact it was the first time some of the boys had put a real pair of boots on.

our team of 15 boys were chosen from the 5 different areas that we work in each afternoon, hillside, site view, waterworks, iraq and remhoogte farm in elgin, it was great to see the boys fr…

vineyard workers!

contrary to popular belief our intrepid assistant pastors from the vale of aylesbury vineyard (not the wine type!), aka mark and viv knight, aren't just sitting around and or sightseeing in our wonderful spring weather, no they have been very busy building a much needed sand pit for our children to enjoy this summer. we might post some further photos of the finished item but here is mark giving it the final coat (in his coat as today the weather broke!)....thanks guys, come back soon.

a new volunteer arrives

we are so pleased to welcome our new volunteer, simon, onto the village of hope team, he will be with us for a couple of months and come over to us via his good friend and one of our ex-volunteers, harry who was with us in 2010 and did a crazy bike ride fundraiser for us earlier this year.

simon has hit the floor running and was found this evening helping out in our children's unit at tea time, we hope that he continues to bond well with the children and look forward to him getting involved with our sports outreach in the community.

staff party

last friday we held our 2011 staff party at the wonderful erinvale golf estate in somerset west, each of the 7 thembalitsha projects were present, in total around 130 people including our 10 wonderful house moms, johan our maintenance coordinator, mel kidd, me and maz.

the day started with a delicious hot and cold brunch, followed by update reports given by each of the projects, it was great to hear from each of the projects, it gave us a real feel of family and highlighted the amazing work that thembalitsha are doing to help the most needy people and children in the western cape.

we really wanted the staff to feel special and for them to see a lighter side of the management, therefore after the reports we were entertained by some of the project managers who performed a little ditty, me and maz tried our best to ruin ABBA's 'i have a dream'...maz looked wonderful in her 70's gear complete with blonde wig and tight hot don't wanna know what i was wearing …

sports saturday on a monday!?

sorry for the lack of posts/updates from the village of hope. maz' sister viv and our brother in law mark from the vale of aylesbury vineyard (church, not wine estate) have joined us for a 3 week trip to see what we get up to and at the back end of last week we managed to get away for a few days, enjoying some time of rest and relaxation.....but we are back now and the updates should come through thick and fast again.

our 'first day back' was a busy one, not only catching up on emails and all those things we missed last week but running a sports day for the 6 clubs that we run each and every term time afternoon.

i must say a huge thanks to our two new dutch students, stephan and wieke, who along with emily and our local mentors, did a great job of planning and prepping the day, and not to take anything away from any of our previous students they have left an amazing legacy of documentation both physical and electronic which will make our lives a lot easier in the future.

the …

Guilt? Do something!

Feminism, by definition, implies that women are equally as strong as our brothers, on every level and in every sphere; we can do anything that men can do. I will agree with this statement, of course, but I’d like to add that there is one weakness: our children; pregnancy, childbirth and the mother’s instinct. By far the majority of our ‘clients’ are unmarried, single women, bearing the burden of raising their children and grandchildren by themselves. Most of them struggle to claim maintenance support from their children’s fathers with little help from a legal system that is sluggish and difficult to comprehend. We don’t hear of a ‘father’s instinct’. Fathers have honour, pride, you get a father’s love, but for the mother it is referred to as an ‘instinct’. This, to me, indicates that the mother will instinctively do everything in her power to love, protect and provide essentials for her children. And, in fact, this is true, looking at the majority of the mothers we meet, a few have h…