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march 2011 sports saturday...

on saturday we hosted our first 'sports saturday ' of 2011 which we feel was our most successful event so far, we have learnt a lot of lessons over the past couple of years, including the work we did during the world cup and we ensured we had larger pitches which encouraged the children to use their football skills and a computer to work out the schedule of play, t he weather was also absolutely gorgeous, maybe slightly too hot but no wind which was a blessing. the event was organised by the village of hope sports outreach team, with the help of our three wonderful sports students from the HAN university in holland ( djuri , talitha and jasper), who certainly benefited from the support their fellow students gave them. the day started with the collection of the children around the informal and formal settlements of grabouw , the 65 seater bus to left waterwerks informal settlement at 8.30am and then ventured round to the rest of the areas (hillside, rooidakke and iraq )

world TB (tuberculosis) day

today we are celebrating world TB day , TB (tuberculosis) is a constant threat to those living in dire poverty and with extended health issues such as HIV. please visit the Stop TB site here to find out more about this disease. our town of grabouw has a huge problem with people infected by TB and our thembacare facility are doing all they can to combat the spread of this curable disease. unfortunately many of the people we are working with default on their medication which can cause further problems as the TB becomes resistant to the drugs, please remember those living with TB today and pray for the work that we and our sister project thembacare are doing. The map shows the 22 nations who have 80% of the people living with TB today.

ukuqala on the back page

this weeks back page of the elgin grabouwer covers the story of the ukuqala team here at the village of hope, there are a couple of lovely photographs which accompany some text which you can view by clicking onto the image. the team are certainly creating a stir here in grabouw and the guys from solar zone, also a german company, along with a representative from the german embassy have also made a visit to see how the team are getting on in south africa!

kids monkey around!

yesterday was a public holiday to celebrate human rights day, not one that we are familiar with in england but i understand that we remember the sharpeville massacre which took place on 21st march 1960. with the children being out of school for the day, maz, mel, eveleen and two of our house moms took our children down to monkey town in strand, where they had a great time with the animals, enjoyed a picnic at the playground which included a real car for them to play in and then they visited the beach at gordon's bay for an ice cream. as you can see from the photos the children had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.

roof structure topping out

on saturday evening we had a short party with the ukuqala team to celebrate the completion of the roof structure on the new building that they are busy with at the village of hope. it seems that it is a german tradition for the main carpenter, and his mate, to give a speech from the top of the new structure, complete with a small tree which is installed a top of the building. the carpenter then says the traditional blessing, read as follows, during which he, and his mate, downs a bottle of wine and smashes the glass, thrown from on top of the roof, on the foundations below. Now the building has been raised here , Although not huge , but also not small , The work may praise his master , The builders ' soll'n be praised . According to tradition , I cross to the glass And 'll raise the voice for them . For every one bites the dust , Drum let them all live today ! Who often wet the end of the welding Who was harmless stone and mortar

blog by jenny

it's always great to welcome volunteers onto our village of hope project, especially when they have were visit members of a youth group that I ran for over 16 years!.....last year we welcomed jenny jiggins, yes that's right her brother has just had that long hair permed!, ( see that post here ), jenny has her own blog and it's great to see the post that she has written about her time her with us in south africa and especially the photos she took whilst out with us in the community where we work... have a look at her blog here !...hope you don't mind me using one of your photos jen!

school visit!

this morning we have had the pleasure of welcoming the children who attend the local special needs school in grabouw, run by another christian couple. this the school that our 10 year old boy (who is now back at school, praise God) goes to and it was wonderful to see him with his class mates who enjoyed playing on our jungle gym and having a snack with some of the children from our unit. the photo shows the children saying their prayers before their snack!

who says that prayer doesn't work....

on saturday 26th febuary 2011 we had our first village of hope day of prayer , which we felt was a great success, we were able to cover the whole 24 hours with people praying for us from all around the world, which was amazing. we were so encouraged to know that people had set aside time to raise us (the VoH team), the project and the people we work with, along with some wider issues on funding and support, up in prayer and we have really felt the benefit in the following ways. a) amazing provision of unexpected funding which will enable us to come closer to covering our monthly costs and plan for future development. b) increased opportunities to apply for additional regular monthly income. c) break through in our children's health, development and social needs. d) encouragement to expect our boundaries to be increased, to test God and see that he IS GOD and HE will provide for the increase of the project and those that we seek to serve. these have all been a great encouragement to

the house begins to grow (literally!)

the ukuqala house is beginning to take shape, long gone are the foundation holes, layers of wire beneath the concrete, or poles standing like lone statues, now the walls are coming alive......quite literally the walls are sprouting green shoots, which will give the structure a slightly 'telly tubby look' once all the walls are constructed. the guys are doing a great job, working all hours that God sends, not only are the walls taking shape but the central brick core is nearly complete and the roof trusses are being installed, along with the 'round' windows, which have been created from old washing machine doors. some of the team have also been out with us into the community this week to help run our sports outreach, they used their silky german football skills to bamboozle the children which i think everyone really enjoyed. photos show the 'green' house and also the guys out in the community with the children that we work with.

new photo of children's and volunteer unit

we are so proud of the facility that we have created at the village of hope, the children's unit provides a home to 9 children infected or affected by HIV, AIDS or TB, since opening in april 2009 we have placed 18 children back into the community and our volunteer accommodation has hosted over 200 amazing volunteers who have helped us create this wonderful space and supported our work in the community of grabouw. for those of you that haven't made the visit to the village of hope we thought that you would like to see a panoramic photo to show you the main accommodation block, (children's unit to the left and the volunteers to the right with the play area including swings and race track in front) and for those who have been instrumental in the set up and running of this project we thought that you would like to see the unit in all it's late summer glory! we want to thank everyone who has been involved in this work and hope that you will enjoy the photo and if you w

boys boys and more boys!

we are so glad to update you with the wonderful news that our 10 year old boy, who has been suffering from another lung infection, has returned home to the village of hope after over 2 weeks in the red cross children's hospital in cape town. whilst he was in hospital he has been treated with more specific antibiotics which we hope will have cured the most recent infection, however his little body has suffered so much in his short life and we need you to continue to pray for his complete healing as we have already had to place him on oxygen since his return! we are also please to let you know that we have also been able to provide a home for another boy, this time a 16 month old baby who's mother is suffering from a complicated bout of TB, hopefully his stay with us will be short as he does have a loving family in the community, however once again your prayers would be appreciated to ensure the speedy recovery of his mom who will be going into hospital in cape town to receive so

sports outreach

every time i c ome back from one of our sports outreach afternoons i just want to tell more and more people about the wonderful children that we work with, they are just so cool, joyful and fun to be with, but many of them come to our clubs with stories to awful to tell and that is really hard to think about as i sit here not 500 yards from their tin shack homes, that have no running water or electricity or basic sanitation whilst i type away on my internet wifi connected laptop with all the trappings of a western style life, a tap that produces cold water, a toilet that flushes, coke in the fridge, shoes on my feet, a light switch (that works) at the flick of a finger..... ....keeping it all in context i have to say that the new dutch students, from the HAN university, are a real help to us as we seek to input basic life, health and bible skills into these wonderful children's lives, to share the love of Jesus with them in a real practical way, it is a real privilege to spend

the first straw!

yesterday the ukuqala team from stuttgart started to create the 'cob walls', this is mix of straw, clay and water and will provide the main outside walls of the new building. the 'heart' of the structure is constructed from 'standard' bricks, with a heavy duty timber frame, the smaller windows will be made from old washing machine doors, this really is an ecco home!..the team have a wealth of talent with different types of skills, carpenters and brick layers, however most of the team are architect students and this is the first construction site that they have ever worked on. please follow their progress via their web site here and facebook here

what would YOU do for charity!

we have been blown away by the extent that some people will go to raise funds to provide our project with the finances that we require to support our children who are living with HIV here in grabouw. no one is less crazy than our friend ben jiggins, brother of jenny who volunteered at the village of hope last year, i (tim) have know ben for many many years and i'm not sure if i can ever remember him having a hair cut in all that time. however ben decided to put his golden locks on the line and used them to fund raise, via justgiving, for us. have a look at these wonderful photos which show the before, during and after photos of ben's perm!, i love the photo of him sitting in the middle of the ladies just wondering what on earth he is doing!.....ben what you have raised will almost pay for our 10 house moms salaries for a whole month.....and should you wish to add to the amount he has raised then please visit his justgiving page here . we also want to thank nasreen who has just

stuggart team visit thembacare grabouw

it has been another busy day at the village of hope, let lone the 'normal' day to day stuff that we are involved with, taking our kids to school, doing hospital visits, praying for our children etc, we have also had the chance to meet up with an organisation called 'rice bowls' who support projects like the village of hope with finances to provide nutritional meals...more of that on another post. we also took some of the students from stuttgart university on our weekly soup run, where we deliver soup, made at the local rose and bull restaurant, to a soup kitchen in rooidakke, the students also visited the squatter camp of iraq and met some of the children that we work with on our sports based life skills programme. on our tour of grabouw we visited our sister project, thembacare grabouw, who provided the only over night palliative care for our town of around 60,000, the 7 beds are constantly being used by people suffering from the effects of AIDS and our home based car

full team from stuttgart arrive

over the weekend and during the early part of this week we have welcomed the new arrivals from the ukuqula team from stuttgart. some of them flew direct to cape town, others had arrived in south africa a couple of weeks ago and had traveled down to grabouw on a road trip. and now the hard work starts. fortunately for us johan, our maintenance man and his wife, joyce, moved out of the single bed accommodation that they have lived in on the village of hope for the last three years, to a new home in grabouw, which has enabled the team to set up their HQ in that space. all the foundations are in place, see last post, and the straw and clay which will provide the 'cob wall' construction have arrived, the team are now busy designing the windows, doors and internal furniture which will make up this new build. please follow their progress on this blog and also their own university blog here .