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February Newsletter

We can’t believe that a whole month of the New Year has passed already, December was a very busy month for us and we will try to collate over 60 days into this short newsletter!
Tim and Maz had their family over for Christmas. Their sons, Chris (with his wife Claire and baby Alfie) and Josh joined their youngest son Arron, with Tim’s Mum and Dad over. Chris also bought his Father and Mother – in – law (Sue and Paul) and Dan Williams also visited.

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We had the wonderful news with the placement of our eldest 9 year old girl into a wonderful foster family in Khayelitsha run by an organisation called Home from Home. She seems to have settled very well and we wish her all the best for her new life. We have now placed 16 children back into th

rose and bull doing souper work!

ok i am sorry about the play on words in the title of this post but it happens to be true!

this weeks grabouwer picks up on a wonderful story that we have been involved with for over a year now. every friday a local restaurant at the marsh rose mall, called 'the rose and bull' make up a wonderful pot of soup which we then deliver to one of the soup kitchens that we have relationship with in rooidakker informal settlement.

the work that this soup kitchen (and all the others around our town) does is amazing, not only do they provide a hot meal for literally hundreds of poor and needy people each day, but by providing that food they also enable the ARV (antiretroviral) and TB medication to do it's job properly as much of those meds can't be taken on an empty stomach....

the relationship with the restaurant came whilst we were in the bar watching some sport over a pint, and when asked about the work we were doing in the community it was easy to see how we could encourage them…

first steps

our 14 month old baby took his first tentative steps (4 in total, all in one go mind you!) yesterday. this amazing child has been with us since he was five days old and everyone has grown to love and adore him, it is so fascinating to not only see the concentration on his face as he puts his mind to something that will one day come as naturally as breathing, but also to see the wonderful house moms and volunteers encouraging him during their own shifts!, they really want to be the first ones to see him walk, there is a real competition going on there!

our prayer for him is that he will be placed back with his own family, but they haven't visited for over a year now and his mom is not in a great position to take him back home, it's a crying shame that she isn't sharing in his little life and those small steps that will see him grow into an amazing man.

(photo shows him and lizi allen encouraging, we are sorry that we can't show a picture of his wonderful face but we have …

he got his bible

following on from the 'shouting for bibles' post that i wrote last week, i managed to get hold of a xhosa bible for the builder who wanted to have his own bible in his own language.

today on my way to our rescheduled soccer outreach in zwelitsha/iraq i saw him and past the bible to him, i hope that you can see just how happy he was to receive this and he was even more surprised to hear that i didn't want any money for it!

and the amazing thing was that as he received his bible more builders came up to me and also asked for their own bible...i think i might have started something that i wont be able to stop! it sustainable?, probably not. is it what Jesus would do?, who knows. did it make us both happy, one to serve and one to receive? yep!

February News

As we begin 2011 we wanted to share with you just one of the many life changing stories we are privileged to be part of:
The Brothers Mdende: Born in Eastern Cape, the Mdende children were seven in total, five brothers and two sisters. When both mom and dad left the Eastern Cape to find work in Cape Town, the children (the youngest being 9) found themselves struggling with no parental supervision. Khumbula, then12, and  Masakhane, 14, made their way to Cape Town to find their parents. They discovered that their parents had separated and that their father had started in new family. They tried to make a life for themselves in the township of Phillipi where they shared a crowded shack with their mother and sister and a number of other people seeking shelter. 
"It was hard," remembers Masakhane, "and I wanted something better." The brothers hung around the parks in town during the day, and befriended Chad Henning, a professional photographer who frequented one park during…

Thembacare Grabouw: February 2011 News

The out-patient unit workers covered a lot of ground last year and to date has supported over 700 men and women in the community of Grabouw. 2011 sees no change as we continue to visit patients in their homes daily to ensure they are taking their ARVs correctly. It is a lot of work and a lot of walking but we are thankful to have such committed carers.

Over the past two months we have been blessed to have regular volunteers coming to us to spend time with the in-patients once a week. It has been great for them to have some extra stimulation, whether it’s someone new to chat to or a craft activity to focus on and it definitely brightens their days.

On a somber note, we are deeply saddened to have lost a patient close to all our hearts in January. Although it is the nature of our work, it never is easy to deal with. Please pray for us as we continue to provide a caring and loving environment for the terminally ill in Grabouw.

February News

Christmas time is always a special time for us. After all, there is not a bigger miracle and blessing than a brand new Christmas baby! On Christmas Day 2010 our volunteers met some friends from Operation Shoebox at the hospital for our visit. Operation Shoebox donated more than 50 beautifully wrapped and lovingly filled boxes as gifts for our moms and their babies. Thank you Operation Shoebox! We look forward to working with you in the years to come.
We are also excited to tell you that our friend Margriet and her twin boys were discharged from hospital two weeks ago. We first met Margriet back in early December when she was admitted to Heldeberg Hospital after going into labour unexpectedly, 10 weeks early. When she arrived at the hospital she was very scared. She was worried for the wellbeing of her babies, couldn’t contact her husband to let him know what was going on and had had to leave her other children in the care of a neighbor. 
Her babies were born that night weighing in at on…

February News

Happy New Year to you all! We have been back from holiday for a few weeks now are getting back into the swing of school life once more. It is very hectic. We now have 40 children with a lot of new starters this year. They all seem to be enjoying themselves so far and only two of them cried on their first day (which isn’t bad going!)

We’ve already had a group of people come to visit from America and we are looking forward to going on a trip to Cape Town aquarium next month which has been generously arranged by a student from Every Nation Church.

We don’t have much more news for now but please keep praying for us and our project!

Themba Training: Some New Years Thoughts (February 2011)

by Malibongwe Nduku, Micro-Business Trainer and Mentor at Themba Training

2011 is my third year as a Themba Training staff member. I am now reminded of the words of Dr. John C. Maxwell when he says that, if you’ve been in team for three years, every problem is your problem! Looking back to the past three years, I have trained and mentored over 800 breadwinners. When I walk the streets of Crossroads, I see some of them not doing very well. This saddens me, yet at the same time it provides an opportunity to revisit and change the way we do things. However, I also see some others working hard establishing their businesses, which gives me great joy and love for what I do.

Themba Training has given so many people a chance to change and improve their lives and that must be celebrated. I am totally grateful for the chance to make a difference in the lives of OUR PEOPLE in OUR COMMUNITIES by fighting poverty. It has enriched me and enabled me to grow so much in my facilitating, leadership, bus…

church in the orchards

much of what we post on this blog is obviously about our work with the kids either in the unit or the local community, that's what the village of hope is all about, however we do have a life with other members of our town and much of that revolves around our 'church life' and the farming community....

we are just coming into the harvest/picking season and much of the towns (grabouw) wealth and well being is hanging on the trees in the orchards, today our amazing pastor, neil meyer (elgin united), encouraged us with thoughts around harvest and got us out into the orchards to pray not only for the fruit and the farmers, but also took us beyond the four walls of the church into what for many of the poorest people is their work place....

...we joined together for communion amongst the apple trees, individually took a ribbon and tied it round a tree and prayed for the forthcoming harvest both from the trees and also within our own lives. as we walked through the orchards we saw m…

shouting for bibles!

i am sure you have all walked past a building site and felt a little intimidated by some of the language you have heard, especially you lovely ladies, and its not many times that you drive through a building site and one of the workmen shouts out 'i want a bible' but that's exactly what happened to me (tim) as i was driving through the new government formal settlement in rooidakke (grabouw) on my way to run a sports outreach in the iraq/zwelitsha squatter camp yesterday afternoon.

the request came from a random worker who asked for not one but two bibles in the local xhosa language, it is now my mission to seek to fulfil this request and bless this man and his 'friend' with the word of God in his own language.

so next time you walk around or near a building site maybe give the builders the benefit of the doubt and ask if they really weren't asking to see your bible!

first days at school

today is the start of a new school year in south africa and for one of our little girls it was her very first day, maz (and lizi allen) left the village of hope at 7.30am, and by 8.00am she had joined her new classmates for the start of her school life. unfortunately she (the little girl not maz or lizi) had a slight accident before she had even got into the car, but we understand that the rest of her day got a little better!

please pray for all of our children, 4 of whom attend local schools, or preschools and for all the other children that we work with in the community via our sports outreach who moved up classes from last year.

photo shows our house mom getting our little girl ready for her first day.

finding new rest

as part of one of our dutch (HAN) university students thesis he needed to find out what difference the sports outreach that we run in the community had made to the young people that we work with, so this morning we (me and bart) spent an hour interviewing a couple of the boys that we work with in the iraq squatter camp.

the area is made up of small tin shacks with limited access to running water, no basic sanitation and no electricity, the local municipality has been encouraging people to move their homes to a new area, slightly nearer to town (like 200 yards!) but on what will become 'serviced' plots...that basically means that they will have a stand pipe within walking distance, access to a toilet, which they will share with another 12 families, but still no electricity.

people have slowly been moving their homes to this new area, and whilst chatting with the boys this morning i found out that the local community have named the place zwelitsha (or new rest)....whilst the name …

new year new toys...(well old toys but new to us!)

well this is the first post of the new year here at the village of hope, and whilst i (tim) was able to take some time off last week, being blessed by some tickets to the 3rd test match between south africa and india at newlands, and maz (who spent the end of the week at bettys bay)the project continues and we want to thank rob, em, mel and our new volunteer ligier (from brazil don't you know) along with our amazing house moms and johan for keeping the place ticking over whilst we were away.

our first post this year is about a large donation of toys that we have received from the local 'shoprite' store here in grabouw, some of the toys are slightly broken but i am sure johan will put his 'superglue' to work and we will be able to bless our kids and those in the communities that surround us with some much needed new year cheer! thanks to brian and his team down there at that very busy store!

so happy new year from all of us at the village of hope and we trust that 201…