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open gardens! open hearts?

tomorrow sees the start of the elgin open gardens, this two weekend event is held once a year and enables the general public to view some of the amazing gardens and vineyards that surround grabouw. this year we have been given the opportunity to promote the work that the village of hope does in the poorer side of the community at two vineyards, iona and elgin ridge and we hope that the poster and leaflets that emily has created will open peoples hearts and eyes to the plight of thousands of children in our town. we wanted the poster to be blunt and straight to the point, and i think we might have achieve that with the image of the wonderful flowers set against one of our children standing in the rooidakkes township in grabouw.....lets see if it works!

stand up......

over the last couple of weeks we have been blessed to spend time with an amazing comedian called mark palmer, mark was part of the village of hope comedy night and also mc'd the ball held at the mount nelson on saturday which raised funds for the school of hope. mark's act is good wholesome (clean) fun and it makes a real change to hear a comedian that is funny and doesn't need to resort to toilet humour or swearing to be funny. not that i am a prude but mark is a great guy and i would recommend him very highly... have a look at his web site here . if there is church leaders in USA or UK reading this who want to host a fun packed night then mark is your guy, you'll only have to pay his airfare!...

mel starts a fire and a blog!

our new volunteer, mel kidd from dallas, is really getting into things here at the village of hope, with rob and arron away for a week (rob in jo'burg and arron off in uganda with big shot cricket) there was a need for someone to step up to the plate and become 'the firestarter', mel took up that mantle and started her first ever fire last night!....(see photo) mel also started a blog where she is going to be keeping her friends, family and the wider world updated with news of her year with us on the project...please follow her ( click on this link to go to her site )

stuffing rucksacks

yesterday we were delighted to welcome jo from england, with her nephew, along with amanda and her daughter from gordons bay (just down the road) onto the village of hope. jo had read about our work on the 'stuff your rucksack' site, see link here, and bought over much needed items in her luggage. it was great to be able to show jo around the project and for her to see where the items were going to be used. if you know of anyone coming over to south africa, or indeed anyone who is venturing anywhere around the world, then guide them to the stuff your rucksack site where the could link up with local charities and make a real difference to the charities working in the most desperate places in the world. thanks jo!

another front page....

last week we launched our schools based sports outreach which takes place on monday and tuesday afternoons, from 2.15 at two local schools, pineview and katherine murray. one of the HAN (dutch) students is working with a local township paper 'ons bekkie' during her placement and she wrote this 'front page story' which reads. "Keep the children out of trouble By Maaike Cnossen Keeping them busy, working on their self-esteem and learn to respect each other. That is what the after school activities of the Village Of Hope are all about. Four times a week they organize all kind of sports and games for the children. The Village of Hope started the program two years ago. At first it was only for kids who caused trouble in the classrooms. They started to teach them to have respect for each other and their self by doing activities with them in the neighborhood. “In the beginning some of the kids weren’t even used to saying thank you. But by learning them to have respect for

dallas team leave.....

last week we were blessed to have hosted the latest team from trinity church in dallas. the team were ably lead by krissy clarke who had spent 6 months working on thembalitsha projects last year, so the team were in good hands. as with all our visiting teams we want to make sure that they gain the whole overview of the work that we do in grabouw, so we were able to send teams with the thembacare home based palliative care team, provide opportunities for them to engage with the children we work with via our sports outreach project in schools and communities and also allow them to spend some quality time with the 9 children who live with us at the village of hope. they also blessed us with some amazing and much needed presents, such as syringes for drawing up the children's meds and covers for the mattresses in the volunteer unit. the guys also spent time painting a couple of new (secondhand) cupboards and filing cabinets for the new office and painted scriptures on the walls in the

new office..

whilst we were in england johan kitted out our new 'shed' into a wonderful office space for use to work out of, positioned next to the children's unit it provides us close access to oversee the unit but security from those little hands that wonder around the keyboard and fax machines. picture shows barbara, maz and emily at work!

mel arrives

well the team at the village of hope is growing by the day, last week we welcomed back rob and emily house for their two year stint with us and this week mel kidd from trinity church in dallas has joined us for a year. we want to welcome mel onto the team and here the photo shows her learning the ropes with maz as they draw up the ARV (anti retro viral) meds for our children.

cabbages aplenty

today we have started to plant the first veggies on the village of hope, with the help and support of the elgin learning foundation we have planted a whole stack of cabbages and have run the irrigation system for the first time.

houses return and assi back in hospital again....

yesterday we had a bitter sweet day, in the morning maz picked up rob, em, rosie and issac house as they returned for their two year stint with us at the village of hope, we are so looking forward to all that they will add to the team and based on the 10 months they spent with us last year we certianly see the project growing from strength to strength. the sad news was that our 10 year old boy, assi, was readmitted to the red cross children's hospital as his oxygen levels had dropped dangerously low, barbara wood travelled with him in the ambulance and lisa made sure that he was well cared for during his admission.... is slightly better this morning but he still needs our constant prayers.

blog hits

just thought that i would update you on some very random facts about the village of hope blog...first thing is that we are getting some visits! which is great news, and over the last week the stats looked like this. United Kingdom 86 United States 74 South Africa 47 United Arab Emirates 19 Japan 19 Iraq 12 Pakistan 11 Germany 6 Norway 6 Canada 3 interesting hey? please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we seek to bring hope to children infected or affected by HIV and AIDS....

august/september newsletter

Village news!...Walkers Return and Assi is also back! August has been a month of new challenges, Daz, Lisa and Johan did a sterling job to keep the Village running whilst Tim, Maz and Arron visited England for 4 weeks. This year they were supported by two longer term volunteers Barbara Wood and Emma Podmore, who have both served at the Village of Hope before and they ensured that things were kept ticking over. We have had some major issues with our eldest boy, 10 year old Assi, who has been in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town with a lung infection, adding to respiratory problems and concerns over his liver, so the team has also had to cover that. The most amazing news is that Assi has not only recovered enough to be released out of hospital but straight back to us (his family) here at the Village of Hope. This is a real miracle as there was little hope for his life and we thought that the best we could hope for was for him to go to one of our Thembacare hospices in Athlon

Emma leaves.......

today is a very sad day at the village of hope, don't worry all the children are fine! but we had to say goodbye, for the third time now, to our amazing volunteer emma podmore. emma has done some wonderful work with our children, putting together some stimulating programmes and helping lisa with the children's development plans. she also spent a lot of time with assi when he was taken into hospital and we appreciate her servant heart, she will be sorely missed.....come back soon!