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comedy cheque!

last saturday evening the guys at the new gen church in somerset west put on a comdey night to raise funds for the village of hope project, we all had an amazing time with the new church build packed with people enjoying a fun filled evening. at the end of the night we were presented with a cheque for R6000.00 (around £550) which will goes towards the day to day running costs here at the village.

assi is back

today we had the amazing news that assi (our ten year old boy) was well enough to be released from the red cross children's hospital in cape town, where he had been receiving treatment for around 3 weeks. during that time there was major concerns over his little life, but today we collected him and he is now back with us at the village of hope. we want to thank all of you who prayed for him during this time and ask for you to continue to lift him up as we settle him back into 'family' life. photo shows him receiving 'welcome home' cuddles from our other children who have missed him so much.

twittering on..

Yes I know some of you think I twitter on enough but we thought that we would like to provide some more specific prayer requests and thoughts via twitter. I would never have thought that I would ever say that I have started 'tweeting' bit that is exactly what I've done.. If you would like to follow me and receive regular prayer requests and other specific thoughts that would help you focus your prayers for the village of hope then please find me at tim_at_voh

new baby boy at village of hope

Today we have welcomed a new 4 month old baby boy into our children's unit. We have contact with his mother, who has moved back to the eastern cape, and we are hoping that we can reunited them in the future. I will post a photo later!

new thembalitshauk facebook page

if you are on facebook then please sign up to be a friend of thembalitshauk, we will be keeping you up to date with future events, prayer requests and photos from the projects...visit this link to take you to the page thembalitshauk facebook page

the walkers return.....

well after nearly 4 weeks in england tim, maz and arron have returned to the village of hope, where barbara, emma, daz and lisa held fort, thanks to them and their efforts which are very much appreciated. there were obvoulsy some very taxing times when we were away, especially with our 10 year old boy being taken into the red cross childrens hospital with life treatening complications but there were also some very positive improvements made, johan has done a great job of turning our new shed into a very workable office space and we thank him for completing that before we got home! whilst we were in england we had an oppertunity to share the work that we are doing with serveral hundred people at various events and we would like to thank the wider thembalitshauk team for setting those events up, they included a barn dance, two speaking oppertunities at local churches, an evening event at ashby de le zouch, speaking to junior school children in oxfordshire and a 'safari' supper (w

footprints in the sand (book) released

the photos taken by the amazing photographer, wayne schoenfield, has now been released, you can order a copy, which follows him around grabouw looking at the people and the affects we (thembacare and village of hope)are having on our community. follow this link to see some of the photos and a link to the order site.

jesus was (is) HIV+

ok i know that i am only adding fuel to the fire but i have to agree with the most read post on the south african news24 website ....that a pastor in cape town has been criticised for saying that 'jesus was hiv positive', well from my point of view Jesus was not only hiv+ but STILL is...have a read of the report and i would love to hear any of your thoughts!

walkers home and our eldest boy back in hospital

tim, maz and arron have been back in england for the last couple of weeks and have spent time catching up with friends and family, time is going fast and it's not long now till they return to south africa on the 14th september. if you would like to see them before they leave then please come along to the fundraising barn dance at the church of the good shepherd in aylesbury on the 11th september! whilst they have been away daz and lisa, along with barbara and emma (and jenny) have been holding the fort.....please pray as the news from the village of hope is not good for our eldest (10 year old) boy who is back in the red cross children's hospital....thanks