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USA teams racing around!

over the last couple of weeks we have been blessed by the visit of two teams from the USA who have returned to work with us at the village of hope and the wider thembalitsha projects in grabouw. i will post more about the amazing team from augusta in another post but this one will try to capture the work that tim berger and his team did during their 10 day visit to our project. well where can one start, i suppose the most amazing news is that we now have a fully fledged race track, see photo, where our older children can enjoy riding their small bikes around and around and around, it is a real hit. other than that they installed a much needed carport/wood store for the volunteers unit, they helped cut and shift wood along with our longer term volunteer tyler and they blessed sister thandi at thembacare by completing some much needed repairs and repainted the whole of the in patient lounge which now looks fantastic. they also blessed the children in our unit, helped out at our sports ou
June/July Newsletter. General: World Cup Take Over: During the past month the eyes of the world have been focused on the nation of South Africa as we have played host to the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup and it seems that we have proved ourselves as a worthy host for the first World Cup Finals to be played on African soil. Arron has arrived back from his three month placement at YWAM (Youth with a Mission ) Harpenden and it has been a pleasure to welcome him and the team for nine weeks to help with the sports outreach we have undertaken during the children’s schools holidays. It has also been a very busy time for our children’s unit with a few health issues, parent visits and trying to work within a tough system which we are still trying to understand but more of that later. Children’s Unit: The children we look after here on the Village of Hope go from strength to strength. Each and every day we see small miracles in their little lives, whether in the improvement in their h

final newspaper articles from world cup

well we now know that the spanish football team won the FIFA world cup south africa 2010 but here in grabouw our newspaper thinks that there were a few others that made a real impact during the 2010 football world cup. it is wonderful to be singled out but without the help of all of the team at the village of hope and especially the guys from YWAM harpenden we wouldn't have been as successful and received as much publicity as we/i did....thanks team, we really did win for grabouw. see the front, 2nd and 5th pages from the elgin grabouwer.

our baby in hospital

Please could we ask you to pray for our little 9 month old baby girl who has been taken into hospital with pneumonia. Thankfully we have relationship with her mother and she is staying in with her.

sisters reunited

Over the last couple of months we have been caring for two sisters who's mom has been receiving treatment for TB in a local hospital. This weekend we successfully reunited the family and whilst the reunification came a liTtle quicker than wee had hoped it is still wonderful to see a family back together again. We are now able to take in another couple of children and we pray that God will send us those whom we can provide that much needed love and care for.

hope for AIDS ?

This week the powers that be in the world of AIDS meet in vienna, there seems to be some growing hope that better treatments and even breakthroughs in prevention are being made but the facts are that over 5.6 million people are living with HIV in our country alone and over 1000 people will die of the affects of the AIDS virus in south africa today. Please pray for us as we seek to make a difference where we can.

xenophobic concerns

once again the ugly head of xenophobia hangs over the small town of grabouw, the wider western cape and even the whole of south africa. two years ago there were outbreaks of xenophobia in grabouw and there was a report in yesterdays cape argus that 'foreign nationals' are once again being targeted, see this link to the article which includes a piece about grabouw. please pray for our nation, especially as the world cup comes to an end, the major concerns about the 12th july and that peace, tolerance and justice would prevail.

2nd july headlines, middle and back page

i know it seems like we are in the paper each and every week these days, but we hope that it shows that the local community are recognise the work we are doing with the children in our town. this week we appear on the front, middle and back pages with our various projects including the visit of the dutch ambassador and the sports we have been putting on with the help of the YWAM and task team

please pray

just wanted to ask all you wonderful blog followers to pray for our 10 year old boy who has been in the local caledon hospital for nearly a week now. generally his health isn't great but he is currently suffering pneumonia and suspected TB....your prayers are most welcome for him at this time.

we lose the dutch students but their team plays on!

wow what an amazing result, the dutch football team make it through to the semi final of the 2010 world cup beating brazil 2-1, this on a day when we had to say our sad goodbyes to our most recent students from the HAN university in holland who have been working with us at both the village of hope project with our children in the unit and out in the community with our sports outreach. the last to leave were cheryl and maike who have been furthering their sports management studies here in grabouw. so the dutch team may have left grabouw but they will stay forever in our hearts and minds and we wish their football team all the best in their pursuit of the 2010 world cup!

dutch publicity

following on from the wonderful time we had with the culibus last friday, see previous post, there has been some press coverage in holland, have a look at this link , photos 14-22 show us and our children enjoying the day with the dutch chefs. have a look and see if you can see me enjoying myself with the guys.