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tim's vineyard talk

some of you will have read that i made a trip home to england, during that time i was able to share with the vale of aylesbury vineyard church about the work that we are doing in south africa, and really wanted to encourage them to seek God for His provision, plan and purpose for their lives. i was speaking quite spontaneously but if you would like to hear this short update and talk then please follow this link .

a little farm work is good for your elf

t he elgin learning foundation (ELF) have this week begun the task of returning the land on village of hope to agricultural use, very exciting to see the land being worked after all the planning and preparation by arron, johan and the team. elf run agricultural training programs for local people wanting to learn farming skills to better their employment prospects and supply their families with fruit and vegetables. the usual problem is that people finish the course but have no land to work on, that is where village of hope comes in! our initial partnership is providing 1 hectare of land for 5 workers who are on a government support programme but could be the start of a very fruitful (sorry) relationship. oh and of course all children, animals and older boys love tractors!

village makes papers again!

this weeks elgin grabouwer contains a lovely story about the support that the village of hope are receiving from the local paul cluver wine estate, the estate are now providing fresh vegetables to the village of hope each monday, not only is this cutting our food bill we are receiving so much fresh veg that we are able to bless thembacare grabouw and a small creche in the iraq squatter camp. see article for full story which includes info to the readers about this support and also highlights the work we are doing as we work with the children infected with HIV.

Feb/March Newsletter

Update from the Village : Firstly we have to apologise for the late arrival of the second newsletter of 2010, this one will serve as the Feb and March update which we hope you will find interesting. Things are going well very for us on the Village of Hope, however since we last provided an update we have had a few issues which have caused us a little concern. Towards the end of January we found that over 170 metres of the new fencing which we had installed to serve as a 'boundary marker' between us and the local squatter camp had been stolen....this was no mean feat as those who stole it had to endure a steep bank either side of the river to make off with this heavy duty wire fence. Since that has been stolen we have replaced it with seven rows of simple barbed wire and trust that they won't find an outlet to sell that in a hurry. As part of our security system we have now installed 'panic' buttons in the four accommodation blocks, linked to an armed response unit.

no tim but new gym

as tim enjoys plenty of curries and warm beer back in blighty, work at the village of hope continues at a pace. this week we have taken delivery of a wonderful jungle gym (see pic) which has been made possible thanks to the generosity of every nation church london as well as our long term volunteers. it is amazing to see His provision for our children with this wonderful play equipment. only problem at the moment is that they cannot play on it until the cement has set and the wood stain has dried in.... you can imagine how they just want to get started!!

circle of life

life is never dull or boring and over the last couple of days i have seen the passing of my 97 year old granddad and the arrival of my new grandson, amazingly they never met each other but both bear the same first is a strange cycle of comings and goings and as i sit here pondering these two events it brings pain and joy at the same time. i will be returning to england next week, prompted by the funeral of my grandfather, but as i make that trip i will meet up with my first grandchild..... ...maz (along with the amazing team of housemoms and volunteers) will stay at the village of hope to 'hold fort' whilst i return and then she will make the planned trip back to see her first grandchild in april.

so you think you are safe?

a report from the BBC web site confirms that HIV and AIDS are the main causes of death in women ..........when will the world wake up to the fact that if this disease is not controlled we will all be at risk of infection......infection doesn't necessary lead to death as we see with the patients and children we work with.....but the disease is spreading, people are still dying at a rate of over 1000 per day here in south africa.....we can make a difference, with education and the right medication...would you like to help us?.....

village goes cow mad

grabouw is a town full of cows and they wonder around our streets and townships quite freely, however all this is going to change with some local government legislation that means that the cows now need to be kept off the streets.....and here within lies the problem, these cows belong to local xhosa men who measure their wealth by the amount of cows they own, however these men don't own any land to keep the cows.....this is where the village of hope has come to the help of the local municipality as we were asked to if we might have some 'spare' land for these cows to live. over the weekend we welcomed a team of very energetic xhosa men onto the village of hope, where they have put up some temporary fencing, temporary in the fact that we will only be providing the land for a three month period not that i think that their fence will be stolen like our other fencing (which we are now busy replacing ourselves...more on that one tomorrow)....and today we saw the thirty cows on t