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spreading christmas cheer

the christmas period has continued to be a busy time for the team at the village of hope, and we have also been so overwhelmed by the presents and parties that our 9 children have been blessed with during this time. it was however somewhat of a problem giving our children hundereds of gifts whilst the large majority of the children that we also work with in the community receive nothing, therefore we decided to not only bless some local creches, in elgin timbers and iraq with some of the toys that we had received but also thought that it would be nice for all the children in our town to see and experience father christmas paying them a visit. therefore with the wonderful arty skills of emily house we converted our trailer into a sleigh which we drove around the townships and squatter camps, complete with a 'real norwegian' santa claus (our wonderful volunter trondor, who had an amazing time on the sleigh)....see newspaper article (right) for an image. christmas was and is ind

still no phonelines

communication is proving a little difficult from the village of hope at the minute as we are still without phonelines, stolen twice in the last two weeks....we trust that you enjoyed the december newsletter, as previous post and we look forward to resuming normal updates and service as soon as we can....

village of hope christmas newsletter

News from the Village - Christmas 2009. Summer is coming, witchdoctors, and kids returning home. Well we thought that October was a tough month but I think that November has topped it. That said we are still pushing forward and making a real difference in the lives of the children that live with us on the Village of Hope and those we seek to serve in our community. I can't say too much but please pray for us as we come up against local opposition, including witchdoctors, as we work in what is a very poor and needy area of the world. As I sit writing this, World AIDS day is upon us (December 1st) and whilst we are working in a community where around 34% of our population is infected with HIV there are still many thousands of people who don't even know their status. It is our aim to encourage people to get tested because once their status has been confirmed we can work effectively on a programme which will stabilise their health and provide them with a hope for the future. Unit N

lack of communication

since last monday, during a board meeting via skype to the UK, we have been without phonelines, and therefore internet on the village of hope....this has been somewhat frustrating and has meant that we have had to travel to thembacare to do any internet business......we are trusting that the phonelines, which were stolen, will be reinstalled sometime today!

world cup fever....the world waits

i see that the rich and famous, including mr beckham has turned up in cape town this week and it would seem that the world has it's eyes set on cape town, not for the last time in the next year, as the world cup draw is made tonight .....we know that all of this razzmatazz pales into insignificance as we work amongst the poor of this nation...tonight we wait with baited breath to hear who will be playing who in south africa 2010....

dutch help...

as highlighted before, see community day post, we have been partnering with some dutch students who are over in grabouw on internships, we have been blessed with social workers, who have been drawing up some of our files and case studies, physio therapists, who have been working on the motor skills of our children, and sports students who have been helping with some of our soccer outreach in the community. yesterday the students delivered their final presentations to their tutors and we were invited along to give feed back and to hear about how they had got on during their time with us, me and maz felt like proud parents as the students shared of their stories about the wonderful time they had had on placement at the village of hope. we are hoping to cement further relations with the HAN university, to ensure that we continue to receive their students and provide them with an amazing placement.