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support the work

tim, maz and arron have been over in england for the last few week raising the profile of thembalitsha and thembalitshauk, we have come across some amazing people who are willing to get involved in this amazing charity. if you have been around when we have spoken and would like to donate to the work we are doing in grabouw, via the village of hope, then please follow this link to our justgiving site or sponsor people like chris and louise stoddard who rode from lands end to john o'groats or jess stratford who is 'going bald for village of hope'! come on you can make a difference, do something amazing today!

fun day and a chance to hear us talk!

we just wanted to give you a chance to catch up with us before we leave england, this weekend we will be having a fun day to raise funds for thembalitshauk and would love to catch up with you, the event is to be held at aylesbury grammar school at 1pm. if you are unable to make that and or haven't been able to hear us talk whilst we have been over you could listen to the first talk of the latest 'tour', which was part of the winslow christian fellowship service in june, click here to be taken to their site and then download the talk ....we must say that it's awful to hear ones voice and the talk was a little disjointed with photos etc but you will get a feel of what we have been talking about!

school days, tour dates and americans

tim , maz and arron continue their themba speaking tour throughout the south of england , but are spending a few days down with their son and daughter in bath, in the rain. they have had some amazing times chatting with children and young people at school assemblies and catching up with 'old' friends and making some new acquaintances at various churches including meeting up with the everynation church in hammersmith where daz and lisa hail from. news from the village of hope, via daz , is that our eldest boy, 9 years old but with learning difficulties, started school on monday , which is brilliant for him and will help our mums to care for the little ones easier!......our 8 year old girl is back in hospital with pneumonia , not good but she is in the best place at the mo. finally we have had two teams from america over since we have been in england and they are doing some amazing stuff out in the community as well as supporting some of the other thembalitsha project

if you have an hour have a watch!

we are very much enjoying our time here in england as we continue our speaking tour about the work we are doing for thembalitshauk in south africa. we have had some good news this morning from daz and lisa to say that another one of our babies has been returned to his home, which is fantastic news. if you have an hour or so i would love to direct you to watch a short film by john pilger about south africa, whilst it was shot in 2001 and doesn't mention the HIV and AIDS issues it does give some background to the issues going on in south africa and looks into the lives of the people who we are trying to help....follow the link above.

back in the uk and great news about one baby

well we have been back in england for a week now and whilst it has been amazing to catch up with family and friends a lot of our time is spent thinking of the work going on in south africa, it hard to adjust to the fact that we have so much that we take for granted whilst so many have so little where we have just left. we have had some communication with daz and lisa and wanted to share that we have been able to place one of our children back out to his family, which is great and the main aim of the project, we just need to trust that the family support this child as they should, but in the mean time we will continue to provide them with nappies and formula milk. this week has been a busy time of speaking engagements, last sunday we spoke at winslow christian fellowship and we have made trips to tonbridge baptist church and also aylesbury holy trinity (not far from where we are staying i admit!).... both arron and maz spoke at their 'old' schools, arron did really well and rece