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the first day

today, 29th march 2009 was a momentous day for all of us on the village of hope, this morning we welcomed our new careworkers, who will become the mums for the babies and young children who we will be looking after, as of next monday, 6th april. maz and lisa have done a sterling job in organising all the procedures, contacts and the induction period and we were joined this morning by chris hinrichsen, the managing director of thembalitsha who introduced these ladies to the wider thembalitsha foundations projects. we are so looking forward to all the next few days, months and years will bring so please keep up to date with further info via this site.....

planning to open

this week has flown by again and what with the arrival of pauline rowbotham and tim's mum and dad the village has grown once again. the major news is that we have now offered jobs to the 8 careworkers (mums) who will be working up on the village of hope as they look after the children in the unit, these ladies will join us for an orientation week next week and then we will be taking in our first children on monday 6 th april ....this date is exactly 6 months since tim , maz and arron moved out to south africa and we are so looking forward to making a wonderful home for these children infected by HIV AIDS.

world tb day.....

just to let you guys know that today is world tuberculosis day and what with grabouw sitting as number two in the world of new infection cases we are doing so much work with people infected by this disease.......the problem that we have is to keep people on the programme as if they default they will become resistant to the drugs and will be unable to be treated...good news for us is with the amazing work our careworkers are doing in the local community we have moved from the number one spot from last year...which is great news!

tim speaks at local church with bethesda kidz in support...

yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to share at the corpus christi church in grabouw, this was an opportunity for tim to bring the word, it was the first time that he had spoken in an african chruch and thankfully he didn't have to share the message in afrikaans, and for the bethesda kidz to lead the was a great morning where we met a lot of the local supporters of the kids work and for them to see how we are working with these wonderful disadvantaged children in grabouw through our schools and sports outreach. the 30 kids really performed well, bring dance and actions to the songs we sing at the thursday afternoon bible club, we place no expectations of these kids, many of whom come from the squatter camps around grabouw, but it was amazing and quite moving to see the passion each child has to do their best for God, so as a treat we all went to kfc for ice creams after church!

the american team update

the american team have just arrived home and we thought that you might like to have a look at their blog which they kept updated during their visit, have a look here, read some of their experiences and see some of the photos they took as well the way its the first time i have ever been called a missionary! thanks guys

soccer in iraq (or irak as some say...!)

this afternoon myself and arron started our soccer outreach to one of the poorest areas in grabouw , this settlement or squatter camp is called iraq , and with no electricity and only a handful of stand pipes which provide water to this community it's not hard to understand why this is the place is in such need. at 2.45pm we picked up a couple of local xhosa speaking guys from thembacare who had kindly said that they would interpret for us, our local schools worker, sandra , also joined us as we made our first venture to work with the young people of this area. by 3pm we had made contact with a guy, called anderson , who i had met a couple of years before when visiting his wife who had been discharged from thembacare ...funny how the first person i met was someone we knew!...he was interested in what we were doing in his community as he runs the 'adults' soccer in iraq and what with him, the other two xhosa speakers and a granny venturing into the settlement with a meg

helpful americans

last week thembalitsha were blessed to welcome an amazing team from the infocus church augusta georgia, USA, the team worked on various projects, including graceland pre-school, thembacare grabouw and the school of hope. on thursday evening we had them stay over at the village of hope, it was great to get to know pastor brent and his team, they made a real impression on us and we hope we did the same. friday morning we woke early for morning prayers, which was a truly wonderful time, then we had a quick orientation around the village of hope and finally split into different teams to complete work around the farm. the girls took it upon themselves to do some much needed deep cleaning in the new kitchen and bathrooms of the childcare unit and guys split into two teams, one started to put the new (new to us) tool shed/workshop up, whilst the others created a dam in the 'stream' so we could sink some concrete rings which will become the sump for us to pump water up the hill to the

surrender band

last night we joined a few hundred other 'fans' at the town hall in stellenbosch to hear the surrender band play some of the songs from their forth coming album, most of the band attend our local everynation church in somerset west and the lead singer, charl , works for thembalitsha . have a listen to their songs on line and if you like what you hear keep your eyes peeled for ways of purchasing the album after the 28 th march.

the fires have gone

as you may be aware, the mountains that surround the town of grabouw and other towns towards cape town, including sir lowy's pass, have, for around 16 days, been covered in bush fires..the village of hope lies on the slopes of these mountains, in fact there are no other properties in between us and those mountains and at some points we were very close to the fires....the fire departments have been very busy trying to control these, using conventional firefighting methods as well as calling in helicopters to douse the flames at certain times. we want to thank God for his protection over us, the farm and the towns that could easily been affected by this awful natural disaster, today as we took our early morning prayer walk there were no signs of the fires and we want to thank you guys for praying for us too

i love mondays.....

as promised we will try to bring you highlights and experiences from the work we are doing from the village of hope, so today i will share with you the highlights from my day, so here goes for a quick day in my life... 6.20am the alarm went off....not a highlight 6.45am after shower we (me, maz and arron ) joined daz , lisa ( seth still asleep) and johan for our early morning prayer time and bible reading....we normally meet at either 7.15 or some days 7.30am dependant on what the morning has in store, but today it was early as we had an assembly to do at a local school 7.15am tim and daz leave village of hope ( VOH ) to pick up our schools workers, sandra and reagan .... 7.45am arrive at a local coloured school (serving the local apple farms), daz and sandra go off to share with the younger kids, maybe 8-12 years, whilst me and reagan share with the older guys, the assembly takes place outside in the playground/s......i open in pray, thanking God that he has protected our t

welcome to our blog

hi and welcome to the new blog, 'village of hope'...this will be a place where we hope to update you on all the work that the current team here in grabouw are up to....our team is made up of tim , maz and arron walker, daz and lisa (along with seth ) muir and johan van de berg...this blog has been set up to allow us to communicate with the big outside world from our small 6 hectare farm in grabouw , south africa . we hope that this will be a place where you visit often to hear of the work we are doing as we seek to serve those infected or affected by the devastating disease HIV AIDS.....bless you and we hope that you will find hope in our journey.....the village of hope team march '09.